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  1. Of course they did and for good reason to.
  2. And there's me thinking it's main stream media and lobby groups calling the shots.
  3. You're not making a lot of sense there except trying to blow some old trumpet. Shame you fall into the same nonsense that i have have somehow stereotyped you. I just read what you write and take account of your reactions. Semi retired with nothing better to do. Bet you've done this most of your life haven't you...
  4. Constant whingers tryiing to undermine indeginious Brits.
  5. Yet more for the slush fund, how your Bros going to cope I do not know.
  6. Were my ancestors ever there, seems like it's a <REMOVED> and some of use evolved. Does it indeed and in your head we all originated from Africa and somehow that makes you superior, yet my best guess is your probably ripping off an insurance company to fund a pension your not entitled to.
  7. Got an issue with people who wear false teeth as well have you? No surprises there then? Obviously we need more resources to fund wearers of dentures...
  8. No problem, use the same research you rely on when describing indeginious Brits to define where you came from. Africa right? I've asked you enough times to describe your ancestory and you shy away from it perhaps this is why you deny others their right to ancestory AND what do I do for a living probably pay for you're idyllic retirement while you sit on this forum day after day telling others the rules.
  9. have I? If you look back through your various posts and the fact you police certain threads I'd say you have complexes most people dream about...
  10. Wasn't it you who first bought it up and yes we are still waiting for your ancestory whilst trying to describe with no expertise what otheres are not allowed to claim. By the way BF do you actually have a job or do you get paid to police this forum?
  11. It was obviously stage managed. Surprised you're not now referring to Nazis and gas chambers as your next line of attack... Sorry i thought we were all knuckle dragging racists and so like other minority groups are due funding.... Is that Ok with you???
  12. Oh dear fatal mistake referring to the stage managed BBC and your little racist quips in one post. I don't pay their tax anymore and the Guardian are losiing in out on revenue as well from BBC advertising so you are well knackered. The fact is when you lose your funding as pointed out on another thread here and as the liberal left lose funding you will seriously lose the right to call the tunes or define the rules.
  13. Indeed according to your left liberal bible. Sorry pal but you don't own and decide the rules and your snide little comments that go unoticed by the moderators. So I'll ask you again what is your ancestory?
  14. So clearly they need funding and resources from the taxpayer and positive discrimination initiatives to make sure they have the same opportunity in life. We are all equal are we not?
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