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  1. heres a company that does both cars and home glass.. http://www.executivetints.co.uk/locations/burtonontrent.htm
  2. the count down has started as of 5 mins ago i will be driving down to Monaco for two weeks at 16:00 today
  3. you may not own a car but you depend on the transport system and the cost of fuel as this governs the price of most things, including but not an exhaustive list; 1, food (how does it get to the supermarket) 2, buses (last time i looked they were dependant on oil as well) 3, taxis (again oil derived products) 4, the fishing industry, 5, your cycle tyres, didnt magically apear in the store if the cost of oil (or tax on said product) goes up then this is passed on down the line, either way we all lose out whether we use a car or not.
  4. Mine would have to be the road with the corperation on it round the back of Eldon house, at that junction with comming off fiztwilliam onto just on that corner I have done some real damage to cars, (bellow) in the last 4 years and 4 cars Lost 1 gearbox (broke G/B mount) engine and gearbox on road broke 2 coils smashed a damper. most cars last at max 6 months before they need serious work doing on them and its not like i drive fast (30 mostly and 55 on parkway) but all my cars i have heard the clink or the bang when going over this particular large pot hole and its one where you are braking anyway as your comming up to the junction to go down to charter row. and current car is having all new bushes, new dampers and springs (moving from the SE spec to the ArdenSports comfort pack), and new exhaust as well as 4 needs tracking
  5. i drive through woodseats on the way to work, but can come back that way..... first whats the exact problem, is it powering up (fans etc.) or is it completly dead or any beep even? what make/model motherboard do you have (or PC make/model) have u tried re-seating all the components or removing everything but the PSU and motherboard and then if that beeps move to the processor (with heatsink) if that works try 1 stick of RAM, if that works try the next, do this for all if one bit causes it not to work then omit that with another bit and so on and so forth... with this information you should have a pretty good idea of where the problem is
  6. its on the start menu (depending on how set) then computer you should then see your HDD's and CD drives
  7. bugger, im being miss quoted errr i suppose if it was from the tobacco plant it could easily be mixed up as tobaco plants look a bit like cabages..... nah the veg in the rabbit, as for the rabbit thats where the ones from the butchers go so that the veg and a couple of cans of bitter can be added to the stew
  8. you could just buy a cabbage and then use a ziplock baggie to prepare the cabbage on day of use (all of it) then put what you wont be using on that day in the ziplock bag and then into the freezer it goes, suppose if you want to you could also do this with most veggies, the other way is to buy a rabbit and then give it the left overs as an added treat to its dry food... I mainly do this kind of thing with Tobbaco when i go the the tobaconists i buy a lot of hand rolling tobbaco and ciggerettes and cigars, the cigars in the humidore and the rolling tobaco and the cigs go into the freezer to keep them fresh.
  9. there are lots of ways round insurance for the determed amonst us.... but we still don't know what kind of car your looking for.. E.g I have a Jaguar X-Type Indianapolis http://www.carpages.co.uk/jaguar/jaguar_x_type_indianapolis_22_10_02.asp ftp://ghouletech.dnsalias.org/Jag.JPG and the wife has the XJ v8 4.2 supercharged http://www.channel4.com/4car/rt/jaguar/xj/157/2 both are 2003 models (indianapolis there are only 600 made between Jan and Jul 2003) are these the kinds of cars you are looking for or are u after something older?
  10. I go from either Junc 31 or 33 to Junc 28 everyday for the last 4 years and it only rarely takes me over the 1 hour time... in the morning I come up through chesterfield and in through woodseats and park near firestation, when leaving i head to parkway and come off at catcliff and head towards woodhouse to join at 31... if the parkway is busy (queing from catclif turning go to 31) then this can add 30 mins or so to your journey but most of the time unless there is an accident i find it an nice, calm and plesent way to get home... also comming up the dronfield bypass on the way into work and using Junc 31/33 is the most fuel efficient (based on my own personal findings using 5 cars over the 4 years)
  11. Err can we lay off the Jag drivers please mines a 4x4 as well and i need it for its space and its the only car where i dont get road rage in and has given me the chance to find a wonderfull radio station called BBC radio 4 .. I'm fed up of people looking at big named cars and 4x4's.... basically i wish the moaners would back off what other people do and drive....
  12. may also be a good idea to look at the toupe law (i thinks thats hows we spells it)... As even though he is the new manager and you are an employee he should give first preference to current staff, i am not a legal person but i have read somewhere about this law etc..
  13. Thanks Steve, this works for the Jaguar Denison System aswell (i know it was a ford unit (kind of))
  14. Yep I've heard this one before people round our village use it alot, and this is from a guy of the wrong side of the derby/notts border the one mostly used round ere is "duck" though As in "aye up me old duck" or "hows me old duck den" (village nottinghamshire spellings not required or in anyway saying they are right (and yes for christmas I will be asking for a comma ))
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