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  1. A brief article on Kenneth and his older brother George at http://www.chrishobbs.com/sheffield3/kennethsteel.htm
  2. From a now defunct website - a brief summary of the event ROTHERHAM4NEWS 1841 Masbrough Disasterwww.rotherham4news.f9.co.uk Information from a press cutting at the local archives section, Rotherham library. A ship launch of the most horrific kind seems to have taken place at Rotherham in Yorkshire on Monday the 5th July 1841. A small vessel, freighted with a hundred and fifty happy individuals, was launched from a boat yard, but being built perhaps on perculiar princples, it no sooner reached the water, than it rolled over, pitching its human cargo into the river. The loss of life is described as frightful, no fewer than fifty bodies being found within a few minutes of the accident. Additional information found. On the 5th of July in 1841 the John William, A Billy Boy sea going vessel was sunk as it was being launched on the canal at Forge Lane, with the loss of 50 lives. This was a 70 ton 7 ft keel to check vessel, built by Chambers & Son for Cadman of Sheffield. 10 minutes after 3 pm Henry Newsome and Shaw were to strike away the supports then it keeled over and sank in the 8 ft cut. Many well known Rotherham families lost relatives: Yates & Haywood, Smith who was a waterman drowned trying to save his 2 sons, Hague, and Heathcote was a bell ringer also lost their lives; 25 boys truanted from the only Rotherham Public School, they also drowned. £200 was collected to help the poor in burying their dead. A tablet was erected in the Parish Church and £340 was also collected for a monument by E. Smith that is in the South Transept of the Parish Church and is called FAITH. ************************************** There can still be seen today, evidence of this awful accident, at Masbrough chapel graveyard, better known to locals as Allens Carpets. (1) John Harwood son of George and Mary Harwood of this parish who was drowned with 49 others at the launching of a boat race 5.7.1841 aged 13 years 9 months. Also Fanny Gertrude daughter of the above aged 2 years 9 months. (2) George son of Will and Ann Earnshaw who awfully perished with 49 others at the launching of a vessel in Masbrough on 5.7.1841 aged 7 years 8 months. Also above named Ann Earnshaw died 4.6.1842 aged 40. ************************************** If you visit All Saints Church, you can see a memorial with the following words and verse that includes a full listing of the people that perished in the accident, In memory of the 50 young persons who's names are inscribed on this tablet who awfully perished at the launching of a vessel at Masbrough July 5th 1841 By the generous sympathy of their fellow townsmen and others, a fund was raised to relieve the families berieved by this bad calamity and to erect this monumental record in humble and reverent recognition of the divine will as an emotional warning to the living and a memorial condolence to those whose hearts and hopes were thereby suddenly bow'd to the dust. They sank not in the storm toss'd wave Crested by oceans surge where billows murmuring o'er their grave Would sound a ceaseless dirge imprisoned by the inverted bars beneath the waveless stream They drank deaths bitter cup lifes spark was quench'd dispell'd it's dream Their tombs are clos'd the muffled peal has rung their funeral knell What eye can see beyond the veil where now their spirits dwell Mourners in faith flee to the cross thence living waters flow A healing balm for every loss sure refuge from your woe ************************************** Surnames and ages of those who perished ARGOT, James (15) BLACKBURN, St Stephen William (11) BOWLER, William (10) BRADBURY, Thomas (15) BRADSHAW, William (11) BROWN, George (15) BUCKLEY, Alfred (6) BUCKLEY, Joseph (33) CROWTHER, Henry ( CUNDELL, David (13) CURTIS, George (16) DALE, Thomas (7) DOBB, Samuel (10) DOBSON, Andrew (9) EARNSHAW, George (7) EARNSHAW, Joseph (10) FOX, John (16) FREEMAN, Samuel (16) FREEMAN, William ( FURNISS, Joseph (12) GILLOT, John (17) GOODALL, Henry ( GREATORIX, John (21) (SEE BELOW) GREENFIELD, Alfred (5) GREENFIELD, William (10) HALL, William (9) HANBY, Charles (12) HAYWOOD, John Holroyd (13) HEATHCOTE, Samuel (11) JAQUES, John (11) LANCASTER, Robert (13) MATTHEWMAN, Charles (11) KENT, John (10) NIXON, George (7) PARROTT, John (19) PATTISON, John (10) RAMSDEN, George (14) ROBINSON, Charles (11) SHAW, Richard (17) SHILLITTO, John (11) SHILLITTO, Richard (9) SMITH, Charles ( SMITH, Henry (5) SMITH, John (10) STRAW, Thomas (10) WOOD, William (11) WOODGER, Thomas (13) WOODGER, William (11) WOOLHOUSE, Samuel (18) YATES, James Pagdin (11) E-MAIL rec'd 20th April 2003 informs me that a gravestone (laid in a path) for John Greatorix can be seen at St Mary's, Bramall Lane, SHEFFIELD reading sacred to the memory of John GREATORIX aged 21 years who was drowned by the overturning of a vessel which was launched at Rotherham on the 5th day of July 1841 Further reading, some not readable is also on the gravestone as follows, Oh how uncertain are the days of man certain to die but qu? uncertain when ? one well in the morning remained the same at noon but ere the ? my earth ?
  3. Algy - there are two other soldiers who are buried in Sheffield that were awarded the Victoria Cross. James Firth VC (Boer War) who is buried in Burngreave Cemetery and George Lambert VC (Indian Mutiny) who is buried in Wardsend Cemetery. George's grave and its neglected condtion appears on another thread. Arthur Proctor VC (WW1) who died in Sheffield in 1973 was cremated but a memorial tablet was placed in the Cathedral
  4. Out of curiousity I checked the Times and found the following The Times, Monday, Jul 20, 1964; pg. 6; Issue 56068; col G Four Killed In Car Crash FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. BRADFORD July 19 "A girl aged 14 on a school trip abroad was orphaned yesterday in a car crash at Bradford. Four people died and three were seriously injured when the car was in collision with a double decker bus during a storm late last night (July 18) Those killed were James Welsh aged 56 and his wife Elizabeth Mary aged 54 of Emerson Avenue Bradford and their son in law Charles Parrott aged 29 and granddaughter Linda Parrott aged nine of Howarth Road Bradford Mt Parrott's wife Catherine aged 31 and two friends Bruce Sagar aged 26 and his wife Julia aged 26 of Cottingley Road Sandy Lane bradford were all detained in Bradford royal Infirmary with head injuries" I realise that there are differences with the info you have but this is the only instance I can find in The Times at least of four deaths in 1964 that arose from a collision with a bus in Yorkshire. Hope it helps
  5. A bit more on the Albert can be found on the following site http://www.chrishobbs.com/sheffield/albertpubsheffield.htm
  6. The letters that Ethel Christie wrote to her sister Lily - 62 in total - came to light through a house clearance in Sheffield. (a trunk in the attic?) The letters, all hand-written, were found by Terry Hill and Paula Rankin, market traders from Rotherham, among bric-a-brac that came from a house in Firth Park, Sheffield, near to where Ethel Christie's sister Lily Bartle lived. They were auctioned at T.Vennett-Smith auctioneers of Nottingham on 8th July 1998 and fetched the not inconsiderable sum of £4,600. I don't know if the letters were split but it appears that there was some spirited bidding at the auction from Criminologists.
  7. No you are not dreaming - I went as well and like you found it all rather "challenging". Anyway this is from http://www.johnmclaughlin.com/ "For the 1st. Mahavishnu, I invite drummer Billy Cobham who played with me on Miles favorite recording, 'Jack Johnson', I wanted a Violinist probably thanks to my Mom, and I found Jerry Goodman from Chicago, Pianist Jan Hammer and my old friend from the U.K. Bassist Rick Laird. February 1971. By the time we come together for the first time, I've got enough new music for two records. First public appearance, 2 weeks opposite John Lee Hooker at the 'Whiskey A Go Go' on Bleeker Street New York. Unbelievable success! We have to be the loudest and fastest group on the Planet! 2 Days after the 'Whiskey' gig, we record 'Inner Mounting Flame'. Amazing successes follow. We win most of the 'Downbeat' Prizes by the end of the year. Grammy Nominations follow, etc.. By the end of 1973 the band 'Mahavishnu Orchestra' disbands due to discontent on the part of Jan Hammer and Jerry Goodman". Forgot all about Jan Hammer (of Miami Vice) fame
  8. There is an article about Horatio and his family on http://www.chrishobbs.com/horatiobright.htm and there is aphoto of his grave in Crookes Cemetery on http://www.chrishobbs.com/horatiobright2.htm The irony is that the Cemetery is more or less adjacent to his last residence Lydgate Hall which was demolished many years ago. His brother Maurice Bright also married one of Thomas Turton's daughters Harriet The 1881 Census has the following information Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability Maurice Delara BRIGHT Head M Male 55 Buxton, Derby, England Iron Merchant Harriet A. BRIGHT Wife M Female 52 Sheffield, York, England John L. BRIGHT Son U Male 21 Sheffield, York, England Iron Merchant Albert S. BRIGHT Son U Male 14 Sheffield, York, England Scholar Beatrice BRIGHT Daur U Female 8 Sheffield, York, England Scholar Elizabeth WARDLEY Serv U Female 68 Sheffield, York, England General Servant Source Information: Dwelling Sharrow Head House Cemetry Road Census Place Ecclesall Bierlow, York, England Family History Library Film 1342120 Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4638 / 83 Page Number 34 I am not sure where Maurice is buried but his wife Harriet is buried in the Turton family plot in Ecclesall Churchyard
  9. There is a report from the Sheffield Correspondent of The Times dated 7 Jan 1888 at http://www.chrishobbs.com/smallpoxsheffield1887.htm that gives a summary of the outbreak in the city
  10. "so politics is usually in the background somewhere" "nothing to do with any political considerations" Apart from the glaring contradiction, I'm afraid we are going to have to differ. I just cannot see how a letter through a letterbox can be called a consultation. I am also intrigued to know if this scheme is sanctioned by the Labour Party nationally as they are in effect the "central government"
  11. "so politics is usually in the background somewhere" "nothing to do with any political considerations" Apart from the glaring contradiction, I'm afraid we are going to have to differ. I just cannot see how a letter through a letterbox can be called a consultation. I am also intrigued to know if this scheme is sanctioned by the Labour Party nationally as they are the "central government"
  12. I think in the light of your previous posts there is a certain amount of contradiction in your comments. The "standard practise" of sending letters is not a consultation. And as for an Area Panel should this be initiated at the outset so that advice can be given or views exchanged BEFORE the proposals are made. Of course I have noticed that my local councillors are Liberal Democrats and have contacted them on this matter. But as they have stated this is Sheffield Labour Party policy not theirs. I also notice that you have brought party politics into the process. Interesting mmmm..
  13. I am sorry but I lived in the Crookesmoor for nearly 30 years and never once has a Labour Party member never mind Councillor asked for my views. This current "proposal" was announced through an anonymous Council letter through the letter box in September and a note on a lamp-post. Like many other "consultations" no-one has contacted me or the other five adjacent households on this matter (or any other in the last 30 years) As for the phrase "This is nothing to do with party politics" then what is it. Who is formulating the policy - the Sheffield Labour Party or the unelected Council officers
  14. The daytime "car parking" problems in the Crookesmoor area are due entirely the short-sighted and misguided policies of Sheffield Labour Party. Nothing more - nothing less!. The sooner they actually go out and listen to local people and not party members in the Crookesmoor area, they may, just may, get a better understanding of the problem! Relying on the misinformed opinions of council officers is not the way to formulate policy
  15. There is some more information on George Lawrence and the Laurel Works on the following site http://www.chrishobbs.com/sheffield/georgelawrence.htm It looks as though the post war factory is now derelict and may well be down for demolition
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