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  1. City need to get there act together. No problem getting picked up early on but trying get home with them is pot luck. 2nd time In recently ordered though the App to get home, it says it's arrived and then they just take anyone who flags them down. took us 3 attempts last night to get one. The 2nd one we even saw passing us though the lights with some over people in it. and as we tried to grab the drivers attention he just stuck his fingers up at us. it worries me the fact you can link your debit card to city's app now as well. It's a big risk with them doing that. I also use Uber as well and they have always been professional and I feel I can trust them as my card is linked to my account.
  2. Just drove past, looks like a party and lots of flash cars parked outside on the road.
  3. I rang sheffield pest control and there coming out tomorrow I have bees flying in to the side of the house. I've had to get rid of 12 today out the house in the space of a couple of hours. They charge £45. As I have a 7month old and a cat it needs to be done as I can't open any windows. They were here last year but not on the same scale. I also read they wouldn't come back but they have.
  4. http://sheffield.tab.co.uk/2013/10/06/breaking-major-incident-in-broomhill/
  5. Got a decent sized one from toys r us today which the girlfriend picked up. She was advised by the staff to keep hold of it and don't put it down. As they are selling out daily
  6. Go on the living social website the cinema ticket offer is on for another 5 days.
  7. Obviously could be a over the top rumor. But my GF just had a phone call saying a tram just slid down city road and struggled to stop.
  8. Maggie Mays on a Friday and Saturday is very popular for your age bracket if you like.
  9. Any advice on this? My cat would normally go out for a hour or so then come back in. Over the past couple of weeks she has been reluctant to go out. The strange thing is she makes out she wants to go out then scratches at the door, so i get up and stand there with the door open then she runs back in towards the house, this happens a couple of times. I have tried nudging her out but she wants to come back in then ive even carried her down the garden and stood with her but she shot straight back towards the house to get in. Any ideas on this i thought possibly when it was bonfire night the fireworks have scared her or could it be that it is getting colder or something else? Anyone else had similar problems?
  10. Had a l letter through the door today and there filming the new series on my road next week.
  11. The roundhouse has been a gym for a good few years now at ponds forge. The comedy nights though are at the city hall.
  12. The University Arms, the University of Sheffield’s real ale pub, located on Western Bank next to the Information Commons, will be hosting a family fun day from 4.30pm to celebrate the passing of the torch at 6.24pm. With live music from Sheffield blues band, The Hummingbirds, and a locally sourced BBQ in the newly refurbished beer garden
  13. Hi im doing a bit of research for work and looking into different types of things you could serve cocktails in e.g. pitchers, tea pots, fish bowls, household items etc. so does anyone else have any more ideas or experienced any fun ways in which cocktails are served in either in Sheffield or further a field. Thanks
  14. I moved round the corner nearly a year ago now. I went in to Stans once, I then tried going twice more and once it was shut and the other time i went in at 6.30 and they said they have just closed. So my loyalty ended up with Intake fish and Chips from there on. Why close at 6.30 is that not most peoples tea time?
  15. Did anyone else see this early in town today they went past mecure hotel then i saw them again on park square roundabout. Was basically 8 police bikes escorting a lorry around, what could it have been? Some sort of evidence, a piece of Art or just a training routine?
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