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  1. Mrs King. My friend married her after she (sadly) got a divorce!
  2. I was! The club nights from my era were at The Big Tree and Laycock's sports club. There was a short period elsewhere but I can't remember the name of the place. I'm getting old...
  3. Anyone there from 1972 to 1977 or 1979? Anyone remember the sixth form disco's at Tiffany's Treetops? The first one I went to was probably the worst alcohol (and cigarette and cigar) fuelled, throwing up session I've ever had. Happy days!
  4. Hang on - I don't know who you are? What if you're one of those groomers... you could be trying to show me some puppies.
  5. I'm the masked Avenger! Actually that's not true... I had a Vauxhall Viva in the 6th Form
  6. Aha! Trick question - wasn't it Anthony Janicki and not Andy???
  7. I remember Dave Lindley and Steve Wood sounds familiar. Mark Butler was (I think) better known as Spud or Spudder. He knocked around with Julian Saunders, Richard Firth and Anthony Hinchcliffe.
  8. Andrew Bradley - wasn't his nickname Guiness? If it's him I remember no-one could chuck a tennis ball like he could.
  9. Most of the people in that list left in 1979. Andy Bellamy didn't because he left in '77 to join BRS as a truck fitter. He and I always finished last on the cross country at school! I bumped into him a few years ago and his wife had recently died. Such a nice guy - awful thing to happen. Ian Hopkinson got into HUGE trouble in 2E because he said Donny Osmond was 'crap'. "Do you know what that word MEANS? It means human excrement!!!". He was a member of the Air Cadets and wanted to get into the RAF; he couldn't get in - I think because of his eczema. Anyone remember Julie Hooton, Claire Barrett, Debra Leary (big crush on her!), Julie Bellamy, Julie Crapper and Elaine Jameson?
  10. Well you're presumably not one of the names we've mentioned...? lol
  11. Alright, maybe a little artistic licence...! I met Andrew Wragg on Friends Reunited a few years ago and he'd kept in touch with Phillis for a while along with Chris Kynaston, Jeff Marsden (Marsh Hog), David Armstrong and, I think, Bob Eaton. Anyone else remember John Firth, Stephen Oates, William Ward, David Tofts, Andrew Bellamy, Andew Smith (smiffy), David Needham (Neenee), Russell Senior (not difficult) and Ian Hopkinson?
  12. And (finally) 6th Form discos at Tiffany's Treetops on London Road. At 16 I remember smoking a couple of fags, drinking cider, lager, vodka and coke, bitter and God knows what else and, strangely, all for the first time resulting in my first hangover. Dad came back off nights and had forgotten his keys so it was up at 06.15 to let him in - it took me 12 hours to start to feel better... Happy days
  13. And all the hard lads on their FS1E Yamaha mopeds riding down the drive billowing smoke... FREEDOM! Boy did I envy them
  14. And going to the chippy at Gleadless Town End from the Upper School, buying half a small loaf, eating some of the bread out of the centre, chucking the rest at each other, then having it filled with chips. Up yours Jamie Oliver!
  15. And Andrew Phillips (mentioned earlier) telling everyone he was bisexual in about the third year. He was a huge David Bowie fan - the rest of us hadn't got a clue what he was talking about
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