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  1. Yes he's registered at the vets and went last monday for a check up and his first lot of vaccinations, vet said all was fine and he was very healthy. He was very well behaved at the vets - just sat there and purred! I'm guessing they wont be open today except for emergencies so I will take him back tomorrow to make sure all is OK. PS: Keely I'm glad your Emily is OK - I have been following your threads as we got our kitties round about the same time
  2. Thanks for the replies. He is still the same this morning, still got diarrhea but he is eating and drinking fine and doesnt seem in any pain at all. He seems perfectly happy - if I hadnt seen his poo in his litter tray then you wouldnt know anything was wrong at all. He just eats dry food anyway and I usually give him cat milk but I havent given him any of that this morning, so just water and biscuits for him! Taking extra care now not to leave any human food or drinks where he can reach them. He is currently sitting next to me while I type, just looking at me purring, very cute! I think I will ring the vet tomorrow if he is still the same. Kerry
  3. Just needed some advice about my kitten from the cat experts on here! He is 11 weeks old and since yesterday has been having diarrhea (or however you spell it!). He tends to try and pinch our food and jumps on the table constantly too see what we are eating or drinking so I'm pretty sure it must be that he has eaten or drunk some human food that didnt agree with him. I'm a bit worried though as I have noticed a bit of blood in his poo when cleaning his litter tray and he seems to have a sore bum. He has been to the toilet about 8 times today as opposed to his usual once or twice. Other than that he is his usual self - playing and running around like crazy as per usual and just as cuddly and friendly as usual. I'm not sure if I should take him to the vets or whether it is just a bit of an upset tummy and I am overreacting and being an overprotective mummy...but I'm really worried about him. Kerry
  4. http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff173/kezza3000/Ernie032.jpg Hoping this works as I have never used photobucket before - this is Ernie asleep behind my laptop, he has been there all afternoon!
  5. Thanks for the advice Kittenta. I think this evening I will make sure he plays lots so he is tired at bedtime, hopefully then I can sneak out and he wont notice too much. I will try leaving my jumper with him that I've been wearing all day today. He seems happy other than that, currently he is asleep and snoring behind my laptop on the desk...so cute. If anyone can tell me how to put pictures on I will try and put up a photo x
  6. Hello all My partner and I got a new kitten on Monday, he is tabby and white, 9 weeks old and just beautiful! He has settled in really well, and he seems to be gaining confidence by the minute but if you leave the room even just for a couple of minutes and he is alone he starts to cry. Sometimes he will come to look for you but others he just sits crying. On the first night we went to bed and closed the bedroom door and he began to cry straight away. It is so heartbreaking to hear, and I have ended up sleeping on the sofa the last two nights with him cuddled up to me. Problem is I think it might make it worse if he gets used to me being there at night as I will eventually have to leave him and sleep in my own bed (my boyfriend already thinks he has lost me to a cat)! Also I have a bad back today from the sofa! Any suggestions? My boyfriend thinks we should leave him even if he cries and he will eventually get used to it, as we dont want him in our room at night time. I dont know whether I can do that though - I cant bear to hear him crying. Kerry x
  7. Yeah I was kind of glad the number didnt work as I was scared if the manager answered he might tell me off - there are so many rules (eg one napkin per person etc), there are bound to be some rules about telephoning them!!
  8. Thanks but unfortunately the number doesnt work!
  9. Yeah I think it is open 7 days a week - I just wondered if it will be open at about 7.30 ish - I dont usually go that early!
  10. Anybody know what time Grindeford Station Cafe opens at the weekends? Going for an early morning walk on Saturday and we wanted to get some breakfast first. Thanks
  11. Many thanks to everyone who has replied...will print off all the information and give it to my Grandpa to have a read and decide what to do. I originally did a search on google before posting on here but all I got was loads of listings for hearing aids on sale on ebay...somehow I dont think that's the best idea! Kezza
  12. Does anyone know anything about in-ear hearing aids or have you had relatives who have had them? My Grandpa had a clip on hearing aid but it wasnt that effective so he hardly ever used it, and he has now put it through the washing machine so it no longer works anyway! He said that it seemed to pick up all the sounds he didnt want to hear and not the conversations that were going on around him, which he did want to hear. We wondered if an in-ear one would be better for him - he has quite a severe loss of hearing. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. No its re-opened now, just driven down there
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