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  1. So sorry for the 2 year delay I remember Tall Joe (Sound engineer-Roadie) and Terry( Drummer ) if it's these two that you are Talking about. I know Terry died. Often wondered what happened to Joe though ( Now the Blue Bell on High street is closed ) Best wishes and so sorry for the huge delay. David
  2. I was in JOanne's class ...it was very sad, she was killed by a cement truck I think on Eckington Road,
  3. What happened to that Biker Gang from Ekington ...they were around in the seventies ? ... can't remember there name.
  4. It's because I'm a Blues musician LOL. but still it can be confusing. Peace and Love D
  5. Good to know you can get Henderson's relish in Cornwall. I was down t' last 3 drops. PS: Barber we're all Blades fans down here Duck x
  6. Sorrow and blessings going out to Derek Dooley and his family. May he rest in peace.
  7. Been a Blades fan since 63... but well done to the blues.
  8. Well Paul. I have some good new for you my friend. I spoke to Michelle and Jean last night and they are both doing really great. I start rehearsals with Eric "the main Man" a week on Saturday so I will keep you posted as to our progress in regard to playing your show. I will give you plenty of notice though. You know these things are never best when rushed Glad you are well. Best wishes David. ps: I will be getting my Cd done professionally sometime in the next 6 weeks so at some stage E-mail me your P.O. Box for the radio at some stage and I will post you the CD a.s.a.p.. ... bluesdudeo1@btinternet.com
  9. Fantastic news everyone. I've been contacted now by Martins close family and friends. A success story for the Sheffield Forum. A big thanks going out to anyone who helped. Peace and Much Love to you all in Sheffield. David Ian Vaughan. ps: Manto Lives on in all our hearts.
  10. I remember Martin Manterfield well. We worked together at the Crucible after doing our apprenticeship at Granville college.Also worked in Jersey with him. I don't think Martin DJ'd at the Daisy but he did play there a few times with his band....Schoolboy .Martin on Vocals ,Mick Philips on Guitar, Trick on Drums and Neil Harget on Bass Guitar. I too remember Pete Baines and his flash car ... Kit car was it ? ..copy of the American ...can't remember now ...something nasty.
  11. Really appreciate you getting in touch. Glad to know Sue is still well also. I was a friend of hers in the seventies. Met her via an old boyfriend of hers. Martin Manterfield. Martin died about 15 years ago and I was very much interested in finding his final resting place. See link to that : http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=286663 The response has been amazing and I'm finally back in touch with a group of old comrades from 30 years ago. I never really expected there to be any reaction to these posts. Its very scary after so much time has past. I'll leave it up to you as to whether you pass on my info to Sue. It was alway a long shot anyway. I certainly don't want it to turn in stalking All my contact details can be found via my website. http://www.myspace.com/bluesdudeo Best wishes David Ian Vaughan. PS: Just saying hi would be enough for me.
  12. Was she a former Ward Sister at the Northern General Hospital ? She'd be about 53 years old now.
  13. double Big-Big Cringe .... soup of the day ....
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