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  1. Iv heard aldi and costa coffee drive thru don't know about other one
  2. Please repost in the Property Wanted section http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=41 Thank you
  3. I went driving at norton with school it was fun then when my turn was over we used to watch police on skid patch would love to take my kids driving on there
  4. Hi could anyone tell me if there is a problem getting to children's hospital from handsworth my grandson been admitted and I need to go and see him thank you
  5. I'm with giff gaff had no problems with them at all
  6. She opened the door to let her clutch out
  7. anyone got a old wire coat hanger or a long piece of wire please in the s13 area
  8. I agree with you its not that bad if you keep yourself to yourself you will be ok the longer you live there the better it gets I was born on there and now some ov my family live on there and they have no trouble
  9. get well soon john you have not been well for a bit now your doing to much you need to slow down pal
  10. i loved ten town has a kid many ov great hours played on ten town
  11. i lied on woodthorpe cres was always on ten town and down on shops i went to woodthorpe school i left woodthorpe about 1978 great days and some great mates wish i was young again
  12. hi anyone rember the joke shop on howard street it was run by ali ben ali the girl who worked in shop was nice had plenty of fun in the shop this was in 1980 s
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