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  1. Come and watch this amazing tribute to the Electric Light Orchestra. Coming to Sheffield City Hall on 27th June - 7:30pm. Tickets £20! Thanks, see you there!
  2. She's not overly sure of what's been taken yet so can't offer any descriptions. I've thought about going round the pawn shops but don't they have some sort of confidentiality agreement? Obviously with things like this it's not the monetary value, but the sentimental....It's just horrible to think someones been in your house. Thanks for the help!
  3. If anyone could help with any ideas what to do.... My Grandmother's house was burgled on Handsworth Grange Rd on Monday 5th May. She was in the kitchen doing housework while they entered the house. She'd left the door open for literally 15 minutes. Although she's 88 years old she's very "with it" and is very able. They went upstairs into her bedroom, raided her purse and stole ALL of her jewelry, including her late husbands wedding ring and her engagement ring. There is an ongoing investigation with the police but sadly these things don't generally go anywhere. Are there any pawn shops or cash for gold shops nearby?? I'd just like to try and get the rings back. This is all she wants! If anybody has heard anything or could give any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  4. King Edwards School has a really good night school programme for many languages. I studied Chinese there a couple of years ago....Much recommended
  5. We got one and the little "handwritten" note too!! Don't bother reading them anymore... I'm hoping the people of Hallam don't vote for this chap again!
  6. They do still use it. Its at the top of my road. They don't have police escorts any more though!
  7. If you think Darnall is bad, Try the bookies in Fitzalan Square!
  8. I worked at the fox house last year and the year before and trust me the staff get just as annoyed at making coffee's as the customers. I used to find it incredibly annoying if I was behind the bar on a Sunday when the place is packed out, people queuing out of the door and a group of walkers came in and ordered 5 cappacino's, a latte, a pot of tea and a glass of tap water! I'm sure the poster can understand why people have to wait for a proper drink (it's a pub at the end of the day, have a pint). Besides you have to realize that it's run by Mitchell and Butlers, the biggest pub/restaurant chain in the country. The profit turnover from the coffee machine is astronomical. They have also had a lot of problems with management over the past year but seem to be getting back on their feet.....I wish them all the luck in the world (even though i'm not there anymore).
  9. how much was the hotel??? I stayed in Leeds when I went to a gig the other week and it was only £68 for two of us. Park Plaza bang in the middle of Leeds.
  10. I have an interview with William Hill in a customer service role on Friday. Anyone know anything about it? or work for them? help would be appreciated
  11. King Edwards School do language classes at night. I think on Tuesday and Wednesday. I used to go to Chinese and it was rather good.
  12. I live in Whirlow and Would quite happily stay here. If the opportunity arose i'd love to move into the country.
  13. Greystones is good... When I used to go to the Boardwalk it was usually to see one of the tribute bands (Rolling Stoned or ac/dc Livewire usually). Rolling Stoned usually play Lomas Hall in Stannington. But I've found a lot of the Pubs and Working Mens Clubs have decent Rock bands on. Plus there's always the Friday rock night at the Bar Abbey.. That's decent.
  14. Trying to track down the phone number for this band... Can't seem to find it on any of there websites. Meant to have booked them tonight and have misplaced their number..
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