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  1. Hi all, It's a long time since I've posted on here! I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a baby yoga class? I'm starting to go to a class at the beginning of March. It's a class I went to with my older two children. It's running a little low on numbers right now and I really want it to go ahead because I enjoyed it so much with my other children and found it good for relaxing them, especially my daughter. The class will run in Dore S17 on a Monday from 10-11.30. It's one hour of yoga and then half an hour of tea, biscuits and time to chat. I also used to feed my other two in this time. It costs £7.75 per session which you pay for as a block. There are 5 sessions in the first block. I find it pretty good value as I pay £5 for a music group I go to which is only half an hour. It's suitable from birth and great for relaxing babies. If anyone is interested please send me a message and I can give you the email of the lady who runs it so she can send you info and you can book on! I hope to meet some new babies soon. My baby is 12 weeks old.
  2. We are hoping to put a 2 storey extension on the back of our house. We want to gain another bedroom but in order to do this we will cover the window on our existing bedroom. We would want to put the window to our existing bedroom on the side of our house. Under permitted developments I understand the window would have to be obscure glazed and not open unless it is above a certain height. Obviously this isn't ideal in a bedroom. I wonder if anyone has any experience of getting a window on the side of the house allowed when applying for planning permission? Derbyshire County Council don't offer an advice service and it seems a bit pointless applying for permission or spending money on architects if we won't have a chance of being able to do it. The side of the house currently has no windows. Next door is a bungalow which is set back from ours so that the front of their house starts just after the back of ours. A window would overlook part of their front garden. It would not overlook their back garden at all. As they are a bungalow it would not be at a similar level to any windows of theirs either. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Just to update, after seeing *Peaches* we decided not to bother with the vets and to take her advice instead. Woody (poorly piggy) along with his brother Buzz have gone to stay with Peaches for a while whilst she, very kindly, tries to get Woody better. I only wish I had seen her before the vets. Goes to show that there are some really kind people around. Whatever the outcome, we are very grateful. Thanks *Peaches*, your multitude of piggies are lucky to have you!!
  4. Hi *Peaches* I'm not sure if you got my last message last night trying to arrange this evening. I have tried to PM you again today but your inbox is full. Please can you let me know if you still think it would be worth seeing him. Sorry to post it on the thread but not sure how else to contact you and he is due back at the vets Tuesday. Thanks again.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't had chance. But I'm not sure seeing him would make much difference though. He's seen 5 different vets at the practice now and they are all unable to say what's wrong. I guess I was hoping for someone to come and say they had a similar situation and all turned out ok. He hasn't eaten by himself for 2 weeks now though other than 3 dandelion leaves.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I really don't know what the problem is. I don't think his teeth were the problem as after his dental they said they weren't that bad. He has been on antibiotics which would have cleared potential infections and he is on pain relief too. I have continued with Fibreplex and Recovery diet and they said I was doing well as he hasn't lost any weight. The last visit was Tuesday. Since then I have continued the above but all that he has eaten himself is a couple of dandelion leaves and even those I had to put the first bit in his mouth. We go back tomorrow and at the last visit she suggested that there was nothing else to do and he would have to be put to sleep. I feel awful because he has perked up. I also have no idea how to explain this to my children. The vet says it's unfair on him to carry on like this much longer. I also know I can't keep up with this feeding indefinitely when he eats and drinks nothing by himself. I wish I knew what was wrong :-(
  7. I wonder if anyone can give any advice as I don't know what to do. Friday 5th July I noticed one of my guinea pigs wasn't looking well. His eyes were sunken and he looked dopey. I watched him over the day and saw that he wasn't eating or drinking. Sat 6th at the vets I was given pain killer for him, recovery liquid feed and he was given a shot on antibiotics. They said he was quite underweight and they felt this had been coming on for a while but that they are good at hiding illness. I had to take him again the next day. He hadn't started taking any food or water himself but he had perked up a bit. On the Tuesday they decided to do a dental on him. He came through this ok and they said he would hopefully start to eat. It will be a week tomorrow since the dental and he still does not eat or drink by himself. I continue to give him the recovery diet but I don't know how long I can keep doing this. The vets seem baffled and tomorrow when we go we are seeing another vet (yet to see the same one twice). At the point of the dental I was offered that or euthanise, last appointment it was he's gained some weight and perked up, keep going with the recovery diet. That was on Friday and he has made no attempt to eat on his own since then. Has anyone had a case like this before? I really don't think the vets know what to do. Thanks.
  8. I think it depends on the type of entertainer. A lot of the magicians are well over £150 for 2 hours.
  9. Neither of my children had dummies and neither sucked their thumbs. I don't really like dummies so I just didn't give them one. Good luck!
  10. I was over 20 weeks when I felt my first move. Try not to worry. Hope the scan goes well.
  11. Are you looking at the right version of instructions? There was a sport V1 and a sport V2. They might be different? Beware of your fingers by the way. I broke mine in my sport V1. They do finger guards for both the V1 and V2. They are free.
  12. The butterfly house is good but I find we have done it in a few hours. You can stay at Sundown all day. We went on Saturday on my daughter's 3rd Birthday. It wasn't too busy and she and my 5 year old son had a great time. We always have a day out at Christmas and we went there last year. The Christmas thing was good but it can be very busy (we went at the weekend) and getting seated to eat was a bit of a nightmare. Other good places to go are Gulliver's Kingdom. We went there the Christmas before last and they had made such an effort. The whole place was decorated. This year we are going to Thomas Land at Christmas. We have been there once before and that is another great place to go. It has the Thomas part and also a small zoo next to it. Wheelgate park and White Post Farm (which are practically next to each other) are also good places to go and you can spend a full day at those too. With Wheelgate though, check the height of your little one first as she might not be able to go on much if she's quite small. My daughter is very tall so she never has a problem but my friend's little girl who is older would be restricted.
  13. Is it drop in between those times or do you go for the full session?
  14. It might be too early for people with older children who are at school as they may struggle to get there in time, especially if they lived a small drive away. Hope that helps. Ooops just read that it's for the holidays. In that case I would say it would be a rush for me to get there are we tend to be a lot slower at getting ready in the holidays
  15. I thought I would post this because after injuring myself, I have discovered from searching the net that this has happened to other people and with worse consequences. I trapped my finger in the folding mechanism of my Phil and Teds Sports buggy last week. From what I can gather the Classic, Sport and Sport V2 are the ones with problems. They do not make these anymore but many people will still have them. Phil and Teds now make hinge protectors to stop this from happening, so I urge people to try to get hold of these. I have had this buggy for years and it has never happened to me before but it only takes the one time. My nail is split (it remains to be seen if it will grow back ok when it drops off) and my finger is broken. From reading other stories, I was lucky, as other people have had the ends of their fingers amputated. I am still in a lot of pain. I'm sure most of the time there is nothing to worry about but people may as well get hold of the hinge covers if they can.
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