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  1. Ok who is this....I am Wendy LOL! Don't know who you are with the name G12Ravda
  2. Hi just wondering how you knew Madge and Frank Earnshaw. Just saw this post as I was searching info on Stovin road.
  3. I lived on Stovin Road and went to Coleridge Road School...the girls part. Mrs Stribley was our head teacher.
  4. Don't know these people but I knew a Linda Cutts who lived in that area.
  5. Thanks Tony and keep in touch. Always nice to stay tuned in to my old city.
  6. Oh I would love to go to our old school reunion, sounds like a lot of fun and seeing old faces once again. Hope you do see Ronnie again and able to mention me to him.
  7. Don't know Les Marples but again I do seem to know the name. As for Ronnie Cashmore they were our neigbours. I was only thinking about him the other day. Do you know if he is still married to Val. Lily his Mum used to look after me from time to time when I was little, lovely woman. If you ever see him again tell him I said hello. So you must be 58 going on 59 this year if you are a year younger than me I will be 60 this year, my god does that sound old. Bet its changed a lot back there, we have been in Canada for 20 years now and never been back to Sheffield.
  8. Well I do recall your name but just can not remember you, can't put a face to the name (old age does that to you). You have a great memory...are you still living in Darnall? Did you ever keep in touch with any of the old friends? Hope you are doing ok!
  9. Yes you certainly know me and have a good memory. Who are you, are we the same age?
  10. Yes you are right and I am Wendy...How do you know John? We are now living in Canada.
  11. My Grandmother was Annie (Nancy) Saterthwaite. She did not live there very long and sold the house to my brother in law Alan Smith and his wife Christine.
  12. I remember the flying planks, boy did we used to get them flying. They would never be allowed these days.
  13. Hi atlex48, we must have gone to school at the same time as it did change from Secondary Modern to a High School while I was there. My Grandmother lived at the top of Freeborough Street for a while.
  14. Yes the cellar head was a very useful storage place. I remember the cooked turkey kept there after Christmas dinner as you coud'nt get it in the tiny fridge we had. It was always very cold there especially in winter. I used to teeter over the cellar steps to steel some of the turkey...how I never fell its a miracle.
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