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  1. you want to try EGO in town, Tuesday night steak night £10 - steak, homemade chips,onion rings plus mushrooms amazing! you wont regret going
  2. theres a place on chapel walk that do it. its on the corner between superdrug
  3. decent shops, theres one half decent designer shop!! rubbish shopping mall
  4. could try swd sports & social club on heeley bank road
  5. iv tried , got all the stuff but cant get them clean, so hopefully theyl be somewhere i can take them to
  6. does anybody know if there any shops in sheffield that clean suede trainers??
  7. i was delighted when i saw this was opening as an indie bar and have been in neally every week since it opened , i know its been quite dead but still went becasue of the music, i went in last saturday to hear all the other rubbish music you hear on west street. cant see me going back
  8. bar 27 . went in before match yesterday , very nice place . looks fresh - dj booth and dancefloor - drink prices very cheap. £1.80 for a pint of carling. official opening next weekend
  9. its been "closing down" for years! someone told me last yr it will closee in 3 weeks! hopefully it wont close only decent place in town for proper music!!
  10. fortunatley for me i live 10 mins from town so i can walk but ud think they would think about the fans and reschedule. i really hope they do as knowone will be there. be all about money if they dont!!
  11. this is from o2 academys facebook page As far as we know at the moment the Madness show is due to go ahead this evening. As soon as we know anymore will will let you know.
  12. ive been on woodseats tonight, wasnt charging to get in big tree and woodseats hotel wasnt chargin either, but about 12:30am a massive fight kicked off inside and out, with some scum of earth chavvy kids who want shooting, was a decent night in there until that kicked off, annoys me when lads come out on the sole purpose of wanting to cause trouble, coming out on a nyt out in a full tracksuit and caps, no wonder this countrys going down pan,
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