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  1. I usually go straight up the m1 to junction 33 and into the centre, so I should be ok then.
  2. Please tell me that the snow has gone, I hate driving in snow especially with the hills in Sheffield but I need to see my mummy.
  3. What would you all have to talk about it if didnt snow? I can't believe it creates such discussion.
  4. I cant believe Moggi Matthews is still alive and kciking, he taught my sister and she's ancient!
  5. I attended from Nursery to leaving 5th form in 73 so I was probably in the year above you. I lived across the road from the school.
  6. now thats interesting, I used to work round the corner in Hartshead at Vehicle Licencing Office. That scan of the business' - Basil D Laitner, I worked with his daughter at aforementioned establishment when she worked there for the summer, it was her wedding where the murder took place. And interestingly for me and nobody else is that another business there is USDAW, where I am currently employed. I didnt realise they used to have an office in Sheffield. Thats why I love this forum.
  7. Supermarkets are taking over this country. I live within walking distance of 3 superstores which are all open 24 hours. There is a big space recently vacated on our main road, big enough for a Tesco Express, I really hope not but they are everywhere you turn.
  8. Try Sheffield University, we stayed their last summer, it was set in superb grounds, extremely clean, and reasonably priced along with the fact its not that far from the city centre too.
  9. Clearly not, as I have shocked my work colleagues with that information.
  10. Where did you get that information from, sounds pretty callous.
  11. Years ago, when my daughter was in junior school, she noticed something missing from her schoolbag when she returned to it after a PE session. She reported it to her form teacher who asked everyone in class to empty their bags to see if the offending item was in there. Everyone did as they were told except one girl who refused to do so. This same girl had been the only left with everyone's belongings whilst they were at PE as she couldnt participate for some reason. My daughter thought it was very unfair that this girl refused to co-operate and to add insult to injury could clearly see that this girl had the item in her bag. The teacher refused to take it further and my daughter was told to be quiet. At home time she approached the girl and asked her to check her bag, she wouldnt of course and through utter frustration, my daughter whacked her one. Guess who ended up getting punished? Following on from the incident which could have easily been sorted by the teacher we were subjected to weeks of offending mystery phone calls, which we got the police involved in and they (although we didnt suspect for one minute) discovered it was this sweet little nine year old who was to blameand she and her family were actually already known to them. Thieving, lying, and offensive phone calls at that age, wonder what she is up to now? The school staff are just not interested in sorting out what they perceive as petty theft but the bigger picture is that it is just the tip of the iceberg of their real offending, and its that which we should be worrying about and tackling.
  12. It will possibly go on forever as nobody appears to have the correct answer.
  13. when you have all sorted out what shop it is, can anyone recall how much on average you would pay for a pair of ladies shoes, circa 1973? Nice shoes, that is.
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