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  1. That is just the point, we do have lives and being kept awake most of the night stops us getting on with them.
  2. Both, wind was swirling the noise. Dozed off when it was quiet only to be woken back up by loud noise. ---------- Post added 05-08-2018 at 13:36 ---------- Ritetrax was supposed to be over at 8pm.
  3. S6. It's coming from down the valley though, possibly Attercliffe.
  4. Rave somewhere keeping me awake again! Why is playing extremely loud drum and bass acceptable? Some people have lives to live on Sunday.
  5. 12yr old is having trouble buying a weekly ticket on first busses as they've changed to electronic passes. His didn't seem to be working and the drivers have no idea. Anyone else had the same issue?
  6. Doesn't explain the majority of what I witnessed today. I think you might need to explain what letting off flares in a crowded street has to do with a tram. Just dangerous.
  7. Hillsborough was full of loutish and drunk supporters earlier - from both sides. There was a lot of mess left by fans - glass, cans, vomit, takeaway wrappers. I witnessed flares being let off in the street, trams and buses unable to move due to idiots in the road. Awful language from both sides. My son reported that the city centre and around Bramall Road was even worse with police being abused and spat at and fires being started in the road. Not a good advertisment for parents of new students and those visiting for the 10K. When are the clubs going to take proper responsibility for their fans? They let the rest of the city down.
  8. All Sheffield schools are affected by the budget cuts. Most secondary schools have ridiculously high staffing costs. Several factors here: Senior leadership - massively top heavy in most schools and very expensive. SEN: students in special schools have fewer staff members per head than SEN students in mainstream. Often SEN pupils in mainstream secondary (who would before have been at special schools) have one to one provision - not available in special schools. Whilst these pupils attract funding, this is not enough to cover the full costs of providing such provision in mainstream. Just to be clear - I'm not talking about students with Dyslexia, but students with complex special needs who cannot access the curriculum without a dedicated TA. I was at school in the 80s. We had textbooks dating back to the 1960s, terrapin huts, leaking ceilings, broken chairs, broken windows in classrooms, showers with holes in the walls, no loo paper, strikes every week for what seemed like the whole on my first year at secondary school, broken blinds, curtains, equipment etc. etc. But......schools did not spend endless amounts of cash on technology like they do now. Funding has gone in to schools, buildings are so much better, computers, ipads and interactive whiteboards are available to students like never before, but at what cost?
  9. How on earth can you tell the difference? I sometimes cycle, but as I teach and have 60 or more books to bring home sometimes, it isn't practical to do on a bike. Public transport takes longer and I would still have to carry everything quite a way - I can barely make it to the car sometimes.
  10. Total traffic mayhem in Hillsborough this morning. Can't work out if it is the match or not. Avoid Middlewood Rd.
  11. Our case was broken into this morning about 3.30m. We live off Holme Lane. Just wondering if anyone else was also targeted in the area? Alarm scared them off, but it spoilt a good night's sleep.
  12. It has been recovered - had this from one of the owners. They are very nickable, but our friend had lots of eyes out looking and someone spotted it.
  13. Give it a try. If it the same school as my son has a similar letter from, you could try pointing out that some students still have not had offers in from all their applications as they still have to go for interviews/visits. He was adamant that the letter had to be in yesterday, I think it is cheeky if he hasn't finished the application process.
  14. That was just what I thought. Can we have someone who is about 30 years younger and understands what the city looks like now?
  15. Hair dye has been linked to cancer and can cause hair loss if someone turns out to have an allergy, not that uncommon. Pregnant ladies are not advised to dye their hair as the noxious chemicals are inhaled during the dyeing process and absorbed into the blood stream and aren't good for the foetus. I don't think hair dye would be that good for a child who is probably still growing. My kids aren't allowed to use hair dye despite the lack of policy on it at their school. Besides, she looks daft.
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