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  1. Interesting, but I didn't quote either of those two vehicles, why not try the same ones I quoted or would that be a little difficult to prove me wrong eh:rolleyes:
  2. Can you shed light Max on why labour members were in the town hall overnight after the election results were tabulated, you do know that security keeps a record of the 'out of hours' comings and goings don't you, there's also CCTV footage of the movements of that night. But just to satisfy you you can consider the remark withdrawn although I think we all know they weren't there consoling themselves:suspect:
  3. Dear me Albert, after asking the questions you seem not to like the answers, I believe the saying is 'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'. As to "your web" rather than snaring anyone else all you have ever managed to do is incriminate yourself and your labour colleagues, not surprising really as you guys are the guilty party here (no pun intended). Awaiting your next missive:thumbsup:
  4. I am very reliably informed that minutes were kept and held in the leaders office but were destroyed when it became clear that the city council was to change hands, not unlike last time:suspect:
  5. Take a look at the specs, it seems you are a little chalanged on this one and I'll take their figures rather than yours. Gross Vehicle Weight 1715 http://www.buyacar.co.uk/technicalSpecificationyq10635.jhtml
  6. Sorry victor I pulled those weights from wiki are you saying they are wronge and if so where are you getting your figures from.
  7. I speed all the time and mine I am told is 'huge', as is my car, as is my bank account, and everything about me, I'm a larger than life character:D
  8. I said LIKE FOR LIKE not name for name, and astra in 1980 is nothing like the astra sold today. The astra of today is near enough the same size as the maxi which is why I posted those weights but for instance a roller in 1970 was about a thousand pounds more than an equivalent roller today.
  9. I just bought the program a waded in. I think I'm on version 16 at the moment.
  10. Some garbage here http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=386373
  11. Exactly, apples to apples or oranges to oranges, ie similar sized cars, not cars who's only similarity is a name.
  12. Maxi kerb weight 2156 lb. 1970 Astra kerb weight 1715 lb. 2008
  13. Why don't you propose bringing back the guy with the red flag? Oh and bye the bye, cars these days are lighter than cars of yester year.
  14. Dear Lottie, I pen this message to you to help to appraise you of the developments made in the last 40 years in tier and break technology together with road surface technology which accumulated together mean that a modern car can stop in one seventh the distance at a given speed as their predecessors of the early 1970's. I hope the developments that have taken place over the years aid you in your ability to avoid any kind of fatal crash but do advise you to do some DD on same and stats from the 1970's on road deaths and speed limits and the fact that speed limits have been lowered and deaths have been lowered dramatically.
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