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  1. Thanks mate, that's very local so I'll pop down and have a look at his work.
  2. Thanks for the reply mate. I'm afraid it was an 'artist' at Feline that did my current tattoo that I want covering so I won't be going back there again. Thanks for the recommendation though.
  3. Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist who specialises in coverups please? I have a bad tribal design on my shoulder that needs some work doing on it. Hope someone can point me in the right direction please
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but are there any updates on this please? Do anyone manage to find a decent set anywhere? I'm doing Tough Mudder in September and would like to get some practice in.
  5. Hi folks Just an enquiry if anyone knows any gyms in Sheffield that do Les Mills classes like Bodypump, Bodyattack, Bodycombat, CX Works etc. My wife and I are currently members at SIV and although the instructors are all brilliant, lovely and friendly, the management and organisation above them is a joke and it's starting to spoil our enjoyment of the gym. If anyone has any information on gyms that regularly teach these classes I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys n gals.
  6. Just spotted this, which of the 3 houses do you own? Just curious as I know a couple who live there.
  7. Already sorted it pal. Quote is actually lower than I had before I got banned. That's Direct Line for you, robbing toerags! Work van is insured by the company so no worries there. Just need some lighter shoes eh? Needless to say I'll be walking alot more now anyway, if I go back to driving everywhere I'll put weight back on and it's been good for me in the last 6 months. Key to staying young, keep active.
  8. I have just finished a 6 month driving ban for getting caught by one too many speed cameras. Luckily my employers were good enough to arrange my work locally and I've been doing my job on foot with a tool bag on my back in the S5 area and occasionally further afield quite comfortably since the beginning of October. I've been walking a good few miles a day between Longley, Firth Park, Southey and Parson Cross and have enjoyed the slow pace and time alone with my thoughts while taking in the sights and sounds of my local area. Winter was ok this year and I've had very few rainy or bad weather days to worry about. Those that have been bad I've just had to plod through. I'd rather have a job than sit on my arse moaning and watching Jezza Kyle! We've managed quite well without the car and work van. Just because you're no mobile doesn't mean life has to stop. It's 30 mins bus ride into town, 10 mins walk to the nearest shop. Get over it and adapt to it. It's easy.
  9. Our thoughts exactly, she's a bit crackers though to be honest.
  10. Ok, hypothetical situation: Mr S has a child of primary/secondary school age to a previous relationship but communications break down for one reason or another and the man refuses to pay maintenance towards the upkeep of his first child due to demands of his new wife (Mrs S) and baby. Mrs S basically decides that she doesn't want him supporting his first child when he has a new baby and wife to provide for. Mr S now claims he has an ongoing health complaint that prevents him from working and is claiming benefits to pay the bills. Would Mr S be able to claim benefits for 2 children despite the fact that he is only providing for one of them? We suspect that Mr S has declared that he is paying maintenance for both children and therefore claiming benefit for them even though his first child receives no financial support from his father whatsoever. Is there anyone or does anyone know of someone who currently has to pay child maintenance while unemployed/unable to work and if so is there any financial help available towards making those payments. We basically want to know if Mr S is able to claim money for his first child's upkeep if he declares that he's paying regular child maintenance.
  11. Hi, we need to get from Longley to Walkley. I don't think there's a bus direct from there so we'd have to change in town but after looking on the First and Stagecoach websites there's absolutely no mention of South Road, Walkley which is where we need to get to. Can someone shed some light on this please? Any ideas which bus to get on from town to South Road or there abouts please.
  12. Hi folks Anyone else having trouble with their AppleID on their iPhone? For the second time in a couple of weeks my account has been 'disabled due to security reasons', basically meaning that someone has been trying to get into my account and failed so Apple has locked the account. Thanks Apple, that's fine but the site we need to use to unlock the account, security questions etc, is so painfully slow that it takes an age to get your account back up and running. It took a stupidly long time the first time around but this time I've not been able to load it at all. Anyone else having a similar problem with Apple? FB
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