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  1. Nope - it's definitely not the architectural feature of 'molehills' put there when they completed the new junction by the side of the cooling towers - always thought these a strange addition unless they wanted to 'lose' hundreds of tons of limestone? The Newlands Hall area has definitely got large disruption to the ground as per the satelite view so that could be it? It's about the right location as well I think. Must have caused some hole in the ground wherever it is!! Just glad it's not the moles coming in as mentioned above and anyone who wants to try it as a ski slope is more than welcome?☺️☺️
  2. Bit of information would be interesting for anyone who might use the A1 North (around Ferrybridge in particular). Travelling up the other day and just to the south of the cooling towers, my passenger noticed a massive mound off to our left (to the west of the carraigeway - maybe 4 or 5 miles distant). Couldn't look myself - busy with driving at the time. They said it looked like Yorkshire's own 'Mount Fuji'! Just for our interest we Google Mapped etc but can't find any trace of it - so presume it's pretty new to the landscape? Any information would be welcomed. Thanks in advance
  3. Just finished (and thoroughly enjoyed again) The Belle Fields and its recently published sequel Ashes of Roses by Lora Adams. Set in this area these cover the life of folks at both ends of the social spectrum. Very descriptive writing of the early 1900's, loads of twists and turns - having read the first of the two, was over the moon when the sequel appeared and got some answers how things turned out. Some sad and 'moving' bits so beware? Anyone in to poetry might like a unique book - Say Kangaroo by Five Sisters. Many poems written by the 5 siblings about their growing up in the 50's and 60's would definitely take many forummers back to their own childhoods. Got mine via Amazon Kindle although they're available in paperback if that's what you prefer. - Anyone trying any would love to hear your comments.
  4. Hi - got to thinking of all the books I've read and films made from them which I've enjoyed over the years. Then I wondered which books I've enjoyed where I think a film or TV serial would really be a good idea and if done well would be welcomed and really enjoyable? There are lots and I would love to see other folks' recommendations. If I can make a start (although I can readily come up with quite a few) I think 'The Belle Fields" and its sequel "Ashes of Roses" by Lora Adams would be just the ticket for me at least. Think in a nutshell the film would be a blend of Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, Love Story with a bit of Catherine Cookson thrown in for good measure. Would be really interested in other contributors' thoughts.:) Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year:thumbsup:
  5. Just a quick one - just found out that The Belle Fields mentioned above is being offered free in e.book version by Amazon - not sure for how long or how to get hold of a freebie but just thought I'd mention it? Good reading!
  6. HOORAY - just found out the sequel for Belle Fields written by Lora Adams mentioned above - has now been finished and published! What a good read this book was and having now read the sequel - Ashes of Roses I now have the answers to what happened to various characters in the first book. I can now rest easily that at least one got what they deserved and I'm a little concerned how some of the others 'turned out' in the end. What well written books I can recommend - read Ashes of Roses in just 2 sittings - couldn't put it down! Hope anyone who enjoyed Belle Fields enjoys this sequel as I did. - got mine from Amazon as an e.book for a couple of pounds each. Good reading:)
  7. I was told some years ago from a reliable source that 2 houses were bombed and totally destroyed in the north of the city on the road to Deepcar and Stocksbridge. They were located about 300 metres on the left just past the Middlewood Tavern (now closed and boarded up) - travelling out towards Deepcar. All that's left is hidden behind a stone wall but you can still see if you look carefully the overgrown walls (up to 1m high) - showing the layout of the buildings. Hope this helps?
  8. Just come across a poetry book which might be unique - written by 5 sisters - each contributing both poems and drawings of their memories of childhood, growing up and experiences of adult life. Some poems are quite 'deep', others covering early Christmases, pets, school etc etc are a joy to read. The title is 'Say Kangaroo' - (the narrative explains why - even the title is apt)-the author - would you believe - Five Sisters. I bought mine on Lulu as a paperback but I think it's available as an e.book. Another you might try - I enjoyed reading it a great deal, is The Belle Fields by Lora Adams. It's a romantic novel set in late Victorian times and covers life in one of the local 'big houses' and how far apart the 'family' and those serving them were. Very well written and can't wait for the promised sequel. Got mine on Amazon as an e.book for only a couple of pounds. Don't want to spoil it for anyone but the twists and turns kept me guessing, the end was out of the blue (a bit sad)? and that's why the promised sequel is a must get for me! If anyone gets either - hope they enjoy them.:)
  9. Thanks for the advice - gave me food for thought! Have tried several of the points suggested and am pleased to say that we are back to normal. Thanks again.
  10. Trying to find why we can't see photos posted on facebook? All the text is ok but photos sometimes show up to go with the 'messages' etc but recently they've disappeared. A bit annoying when pictures of friends and family aren't available. I have been told to put an ad-blocker on (which I've done) but still no success. I understand having tried to resolve this that this problem may be quite widespread?? Anyone out there had this problem and can offer advice please? Any suggestions would be most welcome - thanks.
  11. One myth some 'older' folks might still 'dine out' on was that of some kids PASSING the old 11+ exams while the majority went on to be taught at local secondary modern schools. Sorry if it comes as a bit of a shock to some who 'passed' and went on to grammar schools - there was no pass threshold - it was purely a numbers exercise, parental option and in some cases the primary each child sat the two exams at. Simply put if any kid was in a 'lean' year they were accepted into the grammar system (many realising too late the work and pressure was beyond them - struggling and being unhappy as a result)? Obviously if the year was a 'bulge' year many kids who would have done well in the grammar system were condemned from the start, probably leaving with no or little qualification. Add to this the kids who were on request of parents allowed to re-sit, some parents who couldn't cope with the shame, appealing and winning. Some fair system that was don't you think??
  12. Reading this thread and the potential serious consequences, has anyone any experience of what any bank considers 'negligence' on their customer's part? I readily understand divulging pin nos., not reporting lost or stolen plastic cards etc etc but was wondering whether not taking up the offer with Noddle can be classed as negligent?? Will be interesting when, not if the stolen info starts to be used.
  13. Hi Cyclone - thanks for that, I appreciated that the design and contractor have very different functions but thought after Haydn had commented he /she was involved in this type of work - albeit in design, then at least he / she could pass on appropriate comments / answers? It looks like a response has appeared which I'm thanking Haydn for and perhaps will get back when I have the time.
  14. Hi Haydn - if you're one of the team that's designing these so-called improvement and causing so much grief to thousands of folks daily over very prolonged periods, are you in any position to comment on the points I raised a few posts above? Would like any answers /comments so that I can at least rationalise in my mind why such madness is being allowed to go on and on!
  15. This situation I'm afraid is one of the wonders I just can't understand. We need additional capacity on our motorways but the way it happens at a snail's pace just beggars belief. I often think just who is responsible for letting contracts in the Department of Transport and who is actually holding these face-less wonders to account, what time scales are specified, why so much of the motorway is 'given up' to the contractors to do with as they seem to wish and are liquidated damages actually charged for over-runs to the contracts? It beggars belief that this situation is just going on all the time and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it - we just put up with it, grin and bear it as though it was a freak of nature! I travel through the various roadworks regularly and seldom see any work-force - to see signs saying 'my dad works here' is a standing joke. The whole system needs to be looked at and I would start by asking the following:- Why so long stretches need to be handed over to the contractors in one go? Why there isn't 24 hour working to reduce the length of contracts? Just what is the estimated costs to individuals and the economy in time and money during these prolonged works? Are liquidated damages actually imposed for any over-runs? Who, if anyone letting the contracts or managing them, have any financial interests in the companies involved? With the amount of costs to the taxpayer and massive inconvenience to the motorists and economy, if there isn't an independent body set up by Government to oversee this work, why isn't there? If any contractor isn't performing and treating the public like they are mindless idiots who will put up with anything - if they are invited to tender for future contracts - why are they? Would love to have any insight into any of the above.
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