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  1. I have to say this makes me really angry they 'claim' to have joined a Gym but the fact that the mother willingly put on a stone and a half in order to get the op says it all for me. why is this so easily available to people and not others ????? yet the NHS are struggling to pay my father in laws medication to keep his cancer under control I'm outraged!
  2. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/health/family_s_gastric_op_success_1_3290895
  3. Has anybody tried the Van Schaicks in Firth Park. I've always gone to the shop they have in Hillsborough for my Tattoo's and I know Greg has recently opened up some more shops one in Stocksbridge and One in Firth Park. I now live close by to the Firth Park shop and wondered if anybody has tried it out and if they are any good. Good and bad(if any) responses needed please :help::help::help: Donna
  4. I'm willing to try anything though really atleast I know people will be in the same boat i guess
  5. thats why i'm interested in others experiences I wouldn't like to think i'm being ripped off
  6. oh I do totally agree that councelling is a better way to cope with grief I have been down this road and have been helped greatly as a result of this but i need something more, long story I feel strong enough to find somebody to give me much needed answers now and feel a medium could do this for me thanks for your help
  7. please no timewasters I have lost loved ones in my life who i believe may be trying to send a message to me, many might think i'm crazy but I loved these people very much so. If you may know somebody who could possibly help me please let me know thanks
  8. totally agree thats why i love uggs totally worth the price as they last ages and are great in our lovely weather. just can't afford to pay the normal price for them got to be a bit tight this time of year!
  9. call me nosy but anybody have a clue about what happened at the bus change over point across from KFC? there was a bus in middle of street and an ambulance i'd say going by where the bus had stopped in middle of street somebody had been run over.I was at the chinese buffet down the road and couldn't make out what had happened
  10. ahh yes very sick I don't think I'd be that brave I am pretty desperate for a new pair though!!!
  11. I alos have various fake pairs which i also wear uggs are just so comfy and snug so great for our lovely weather!
  12. my current pair of ugg boots which i was bought a few christmasses ago are starting to look there worst. they're around £100 and upwards in meadowhall. does anybody know any decent websites etc i could pick up a cheap pair??? or anybody sellin some????
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