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  1. I am interested in working for Periscope at Broomhill but am slightly apprehensive as they seem to have a high turnover of staff. Everything about the company, nature of work, location, pay rate shifts available etc seems ideal but I am a little wary. Would love any feedback either on the thread or by PM from anyone that has worked for them in the past Thanks guys
  2. I might possibily be starting work for them Does anyone have any experience or comments to pass on please?
  3. Does anyone have any info on when and where the new RSPCA branch will be reopening in Sheffield? Thanks :-D
  4. Does anyone know who is recruiting for Capita these days? Also has anyone here had expereince of working for them? There was loads about them a while ago and now I am looking nothing - typical any info appreciated
  5. If we get the promised heatwave this weekend (and I am not holding my breath ha ha!) can anyone recommend a pub tht does decent food and has a fairly large beer garden? Central Sheffield/Town Centre-ish would be best but happy to consider other suggestions Thanks guys!
  6. Yeah thats the one thanks for that! Does anyone know if they stop serving food at 9 every night or just Sundays?
  7. Just before Xmas my friend and I discovered this while starving on a bar crawl one Sunday night. It looked really lovely and the menu a fair price but so gobsmacked were we by the gorgeous sumptious decor tht we failed to notice there were no yummy food smells and that no one else was eating. Sadly they stopped serving food at 9 and it was now half past Am meeting someone in Sheffield next week and wuold like to book a table but cant for the life of me remember what the place was called? Any ideas anyone? If it helps it may have been a bar that serves Thai food rather than an actual restuarant and was in one the side streets just off West Street
  8. Hi gj Well I dont really have any suggestions but I am in a similiar positon to you - minus the kids and shyness - so drop me a PM if you would like to hook up I have been living in SHeffield for two weeks now and am preparing to start a Degree in Counselling in September. So far apart from my bloke I only know a couple of pps in town and would love to expand my social circle and get to know locals and this great city a lot better I am from London origianlly, very laid back and easy going, offbeat slightly wicked sense of humour and mad about music tho it has to be said I am a real lightweight when it comes to drinking! Hope it all goes well for you
  9. This post is probably a bit late now as i have parted with my deposit now... I have found a flat in Shire Green which was smaller than I would ideally have liked but defintely the best I have seen for the money. It seems like a quiet pleasant residential area and I did get a "safe" kind of vibe there which is very important as I will be living on my own and the area I live in currently is like the Bronx - not an experience I would wish to repeat! Does anyone have any comments on the area - I will be living about five mins from Concord Park? I know its pretty close to Meadowhall but is it walkable?
  10. Thanks very much for the replies and PMS I apprecaite it Er...not sure how I can break it to you guys *shuffles feet nervously* but I am from London originally and therefore a snotty Southerner myslef hee hee! One of the reasons I decided to stick around Oop North after my marriage broke up was that I love the friendliness and opennes of pps round here especially that Northern sense of humour. I have never found this more so than in Sheffield which is one of the reasons I am really looking forward to moving there
  11. Yay thanks for that will definitely polish up my ZImmer frame and check it out once I move
  12. I am moving to Sheffield as a *cough* mature student in a couple of months and am wondering if there are any crumbly freindly bars in the City? I do like a boogie and am inot rock and retro nights I just dont want to feel like the oldest swinger in town! Alos if anyone of my age groupish is in a similar postion or just looking to extend your social circle I would love to hear from you
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