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  1. Is this the bloke who turns up on far-right demos in the Donald Trump mask? I thought I knew the name if it is.
  2. Use facebook purity. It lets you strip out all sorts of stuff. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fb-purity-clean-up-facebo/ncdlagniojmheiklojdcpdaeepochckl?hl=en
  3. As so many are. It's a pity really. There are some decent people on here but it's hardly worth bothering with because it always ends up the same.
  4. What sort of stuff do you want to play? What sort of guitar are you playing? I'm sort of self taught after a brief spell playing double bass at school with a bloody bow when I was a rockabilly. Get yourself a guitar tuner (the clip on ones that work on the resonance of the wood are good), learn some very simple chords like E to A to D and have fun. There is no right way of playing guitar and no wrong way and if it sounds ok to you that's all that matters. People will laugh at this but if you want to learn some simple techniques this book really holds up even if the songs are dated. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bert-Weedons-Play-Day-Playing/dp/0571529658
  5. I've not really got a rockery, more a selection of rocks and terracotta pots but this plant works really well for months on end. http://www.pergolaplans4free.co.uk/images/campanulaportenschlagiana.jpg Campanula Poscharskyana I'm trying this out this year, Aubretia http://www.alpinegardensociety.net/image_files/onlineshow/sizedAubretia13934.JPG Both are long lasting, pretty much maintenance free and bees love them.
  6. They haven't. They are doing a protest in Rotherham on 10th May.
  7. Another positive vote for giff gaff. Unlimited data and texts for 12 quid a month is a bargain.
  8. It starts next year and I think it only matters if Arsenal qualify for the CL which isn't 100% nailed on at the moment with the way they are playing.
  9. I've used both for years and both have their pros and cons but once you get wordpress sorted and install the anti spam plugin it's really easy to use.
  10. The Ale House at Millhouses used to be call The Sheaf. When I was a kid living up that way it did used to get a bit confusing in the days before mobile phones so we met in either the Big Tree or one of the Shaky in Heeley.
  11. Have you read the articles? ---------- Post added 19-03-2014 at 14:57 ---------- Volunteers needed to keep shrubs in check. A call has been issued for volunteers to help stop a patch of invasive flowering bushes from spreading across a nature reserve. Wharncliffe Heathlands Trust is asking people to clear a cluster of rhododendrons below Wharncliffe Crags this Sunday to stop them from invading wildlife habits in the area. A spokesman for the trust said: “Although a beautiful and colourful plant in gardens, rhododendrons have a nasty habitat of escaping and invading wildlife habits. “Because the rhododendron can produce millions of seeds per plant every year it can become a serious problem very quickly. “The pink flowered rhododendron ponticum is the worst offender, and a large clump has formed just below the Wharncliffe Crags. “It needs to be cleared before it spreads.” Another reason for clearing the shrub is that rare breed cattle and sheep are used on the site to keep control of invading birch – and rhododendron is poisonous to livestock. Volunteers are asked to bring sturdy footwear, warm clothes, gardening gloves and their own lunch. Work will finish by 4pm. Meet at the River Don bridge on Station Road, Deepcar. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/volunteers-needed-to-keep-shrubs-in-check-1-6506752
  12. Do the losing finalists still get a place in the Uefa League if the winners qualify for Europe? Wiki has the answer. The FA Cup winners qualify for the following season's UEFA Europa League (formerly named the UEFA Cup; until 1998 they entered the Cup Winners' Cup instead). This European place applies even if the team is relegated or is not in the English top flight. However, if the FA Cup winning team has also qualified for the following season's Champions League, then the losing FA Cup finalist is given the Europa League place instead. FA Cup winners enter the Europa League at the Group Stage. Losing finalists, if they enter the Europa League, must begin earlier, at the play-off or Q3 stage.[11] From the 2015/16 season, UEFA will not allow the runners-up to qualify for the Europa League through the competition.
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