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  1. Thanks for all the siggestions, will keep in mind for future as my exams are nearly over now! There will be some more unfortunately though.. Have been using McDs mainly for the before 7am opening, don't think any of the others open before 7, and this was what I needed. Have tried Coffee Cafe in Wadsley on a morning when I was later than usual, and it was very nice. Thanks again folks:thumbsup:
  2. Just to update - we went to Little Italy and it was absolutely fantastic!! Would highly recommend it for a special meal out. Great food, lovely waiters and owner, and a perfect atmosphere. It made us feel as if we were on holiday again. The prices somewhat higher than your average Italian restaurant, but certainly not in the league of some so-called 'fancy' and in my opinion overrated Italians, which shall remain unnamed;) Can't wait to go back! definitely advisable to book though,we went on a Friday night and were told taht Saturday, the next night, was full all night! And thanks to everyone who replied:-)
  3. Thanks for that. I think I can picture it now. Will ring to book a table:)
  4. Looks like it's going to be McDs then, I'll have to drive to the football ground from it I suppose. Thanks guys I wouldn't have thought about it!
  5. I drive past it every day. I imagine it is open every day in the week, but as you're driving from afar it's best to be sure - I couldn't find a phone no. anywhere. There are 2 party shops on Ecclesall Rd, just a few minutes drive from London Rd. Party Town 337 Ecclesall Rd 0114 263 1313 Jesters 667 Ecclesall Rd 0114 268 3046
  6. Thanks for the idea bus man, I haven't thought about McDonalds! Well it's not usually my cup of tea but it does the job as it opens so early, as long I can sit quietly and read my books I'm happy. Where is the Hillsborogh one, I'm trying to remember if it's near the Owlerton stadium? Or is that KFC?
  7. Where is this Willman? Is it best to book for a Friday night?
  8. Thanks for this, the location sounds perfect! Here's hoping they open early:)
  9. Can anybody recommend a good Italian restaurant in Dronfield or nearby, which would also be open fairly late on a Friday (as some restaurants don't). Somewhere with fantastic food, and a nice atmosphere. Cheers!
  10. I have an exam next Monday at the Wednesday ground. I couldn't find a local phone no. for the venue to check when they are open in the morning, as I was hoping to do some work before the exam (which is at 10am). In any case, I am guessing they would not open earlier than 9, so does anybody know of a cafe where I could go as early as possible in the morning and do some work, and have breakfast? Preferably walking distance from the ground. I am not a uni student so can't go to the 24hr library in case anybody suggest it. Thanks:)
  11. The Robin Hood in Millhouses do a 2 for 1 offer (I think they are part of a chain, can't remember which, so there would be other pubs doing this if they are in the same chain). I agree that many of the 2 for 1 places have microwaved tepid food (in fact I had a meal like this today.. was expecting it though, went for convenience to meet friends rather than the cuisine!!) However, I have been to the Robin Hood a few times, taking advantage of the offer, and the food was very good quality, and tasted fresh. The pub itelsf is very nice, too.
  12. It was ridiculous how Deborah tried to cover her back by coming out with the pathetic excuse of 'we left it blank to give local businesses space for ads'. The time management was indeed poor, and she was responsible for this, however it would have done her better to be honest about it and admit that the leaflet was not finished; instead she tried to absolve all responsibility and dug herself a hole when the panel said they were unhappy with being lied to! Tomorrow's instalment looks promising judging from the 'trailer'. I know people have been saying it has got progressively worse every year, but this year for me is the first when I am trying to consistently keep up with the show and it has been enjoyable so far.
  13. I have one on my upper arm, I think it is tasteful and doubt that I'd ever want it removed. I've had it nearly 10 years. It is quite a large design and if I wear a sleeveless top or even a t-shirt or blouse with those very short capped sleeves you can see it.. A good incentive to keep my arms toned! Although at the moment they are twice as chunky as they were when I got it lol. There still seems to be some prejudice about tattoos, especially in certain professions, you wouldn't be expected to have one. It would be nice to be able to wear smart sleeveless shirts and tops to work without giving it a second thought. After all, if you are a good doctor/lawyer/teacher etc, whether you have a tattoo should be irrelevant. It's part of who I am, and is a 'piece of art', without an 'obvious' message or writing etc. I haven't come across many people in so-called 'white collar' occupations who have tattoos..unless they are all very cleverly hidden of course, but no visible ones. Many organisations have a policy that tattoos should not be on display. So I suppose that means you have to be careful if considering getting one somewhere where you absolutely cannot cover it up under clothing, it may limit your choice of workplaces. I don't personally agree with it though.
  14. Apparently it also depends on whether your EU client is VAT registered. To be honest it may be a good idea to ring HMRC on one of the numbers on the website and clarify it for definite. They will no doubt ask for some more details about your scenario. I have rung them on occasions with queries and they were helpful. You need to be sure you get the information 100% spot-on in a case like this, too, and forummers' opinions differing may confuse matters somewhat:)
  15. Does anyone know what time it starts? the usual opening time of 8am? At Debenhams they have early openings sometimes when there's an event on.
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