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  1. Get use to it as I can't see us leaving the EU... Wish we would
  2. He would fit in better with all the locals if he took it up..
  3. Wow it's getting crazier now around that area. Must be something in the air. Probably all the canabis fumes in the air.
  4. My grandad when to fetch his news paper this morning and was told that there had been a stabbing again around Hartley brook road area . Anyone heard the same ?
  5. I think if memory serves me you get one free tip if you have a van but after that you have to pay
  6. Don't do it. You are right in your assumption about how bad it is (gangs drugs fights Slovaks)
  7. I was recently told parkwood have been inundated with vans that park on the front and walk in with van loads of rubbish. Now that this rule has been implemented the van owners now have to register and PAY to drop their rubbish. He told me that's why the no pedestrian walk in rule is in place. He also told me that the staff are telling people that there had been an accident that's why the rule is in place witch is a load of rubbish..
  8. We have this problem in s5. We have recently been on the 200mb package. It was stated by the salesman that we would easily reach 200mb but when installed we could only get at the maximum 50mb.. So for the last 12 months we have had our bill subsidied, reducing it down to the 50mb contract. After many many conversations we are still looking at no higher than 50 mb for the next year. The problem they are telling me is that it's down to utilisation (over subscribed customers for the old cable that's in the ground). Nothing can be done about this until they dig up the old cable and relay some new stuff. I can't see this happening anytime soon as we have only just had the paths re laid..
  9. My mother inn law has been accepted for the right to buy scheme. Now the proses is in the solicitors hands. She's just wondering how long roughly this proses takes until it's all completely done. I know it took me around 8 weeks to purchase my house but this was a private sale. Regarding a council property I wouldn't know. Thanks
  10. This is the answer to end all of this. Well done to you sir.
  11. What if the police didn't open the gate's who would be at fault then ?
  12. Parson cross, ecclesfeild, wadsley bridge,Norfolk park,shiregreen,Foxhill then back to parson cross ( for now)
  13. Look at hyacinth bucket getting on her high horse. Some of Us council house dwellers also pay FULL council tax rent, and don't vote for the numptys in charge.
  14. I think the council are desperate for me to have a fruit tree. I didn't think the council liked trees in Sheffield. I've received 5 emails stateing that I can apply for a free fruit tree. It's a good idea really. I would get one if I didn't already have a big apple tree, but would they come and chop the free trees down if they grew too big. This is the email Would you like a free fruit tree in your garden or balcony? It could provide you with delicious and nutritious fruit, fulfilling some of your required 5-a-day portions, making for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family; it’s also great for wildlife and it’s all for free! Sheffield City Council is offering to provide a limited number of fruit trees for Sheffield City Council tenant’s gardens or balconies COMPLETELY FOR FREE! This offer is on a first come, first serve basis and is open to tenants of Sheffield City Council properties only, with a limit of one tree per household. The offered trees are Cherries and Plums on a dwarf root stock. These will be in 12 litre pots and approximately 1m high on receipt and will reach a maximum eventual height of 2 - 2.5m. They are ideal for small south facing gardens or balconies in a large pot. Please note - these trees will not thrive or produce fruit unless they receive full sun, so please do not request a tree if your garden or balcony is shaded for more than half of the day. All you need to do to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity is to contact HomesE&ES@sheffield.gov.uk and leave your name, address, contact details and say if you would like a Cherry or a Plum. You will then be contacted by the area office and informed when to collect your tree. This offer is on a first come first serve basis and closes on 30th April so BE QUICK! Many thanks Sheffield City Council Twitter manage your subscriptions | online services This email was sent to by: Sheffield City Council · Town Hall, Pinstone Street · Sheffield S1 2HH · (0114) 27 34567
  15. I remember in the beginning of the 90s witnessing a fighter plane flying that low that it shook the TV Arial's on a few houses on Monteney crescent . I absolutely bobbed me sen.
  16. Just contacted the vet and the advice they've given is to boil the chicken with rice,sweet corn and some vegetables,so if she still only eats the chicken it should contain some nutrition from the vegetables. They have also said to try some scrambled eggs.
  17. Friday morning my bitch had to have a c section. We brought her home Friday tea time and the vet advised us to feed her chicken and rice because of the operation but as soon as possible get her back on puppy food (Saturday/Sunday) She is a really picky eater at the best of times,she picks out all the meaty chunks and won't eat the other mix in the food. So Friday tea time I made her chicken and rice but she only ate her chicken and left the rice. Saturday morning she turned her nose up at the puppy food so I thought I'd leave it out until tea time to see if she eats any, but she didn't so I thought I'd better make some chicken to witch she ate. We put out some fresh puppy food on Sunday morning but she did the same but this time I left it untill around seven o'clock but to still no joy. She's ok drinking and after drinking she has a sniff at the food and just walked away. We have tried hand feeding her puppy food but she just turns her nose up. Today is Monday and I'm worried the puppies aren't getting the nutrition they need. Her normal daily food is puppy food, as we have a tiny Yorkshire terrier that can only eat puppy food.
  18. How would i go about finding a tenant's housing history. I'm trying to help my mother inn law find the exact dates when she moved in and out of her previous addresses. Iv'e contacted the council but they don't have some of her tenancy history, because their history of her doesn't go back that far (apparently). She has proof that she has lived in previous addresses but she's been asked the exact dates when she moved in and out of them by the council. How would i find these if the council don't have them ? I find it rather bizarre that the council don't have some of her tenancy history. Thanks
  19. Maybe they were from the Black country. You know some were like Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.
  20. I'm trying to log in with my laptop but I keep getting this message. This server could not prove that it is Sheffield forum;it's security certificate expired yesterday. So why can I sign in my iPhone, very strange.
  21. Yes, you can buy tickets from the TWITchers watch birds.com website.
  22. We'll ask around and see if we can find owt out.
  23. I hope the scumbags who did this get a good beating. Could it be the usual suspect ?
  24. At £25 delivery charge for one bag of sand, they must have been getting there money's worth..
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