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  1. Just got back from work to find my plastic green house upside down. It's snapped all across the bottom we're it's bolted into the ground.
  2. I'll tell thi sumet,It was brass monkeys last night brrr
  3. I'd rather read the beano than dig another soakway. Tried telling a customer that the customers original one was fine and just needed top 2ft redoing ( like above an old Victorian soakaway) but they insisted that they wanted one to building regs. Had to dig up hill and to make matters worse we had no access to get a digger in and also two ft down was 4 inch thick stone slabs packed together . Pick, grafter and a spade job done.
  4. This looks like it's been there a while. New building regs quote that the soak away should be 5 meters away from property.
  5. I'm trying to find the best place to buy windows 7 professional any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. People with or without kids who love the festive season. Hum bug to you sir !!
  7. June 27th lol typical council dragging there heels as per usual
  8. Reading ur reply I totally agree. I can't find anywhere on the tickets about the organisers of the wonderland apart from advertising on the bottom for the bakewell show (Bakewell agricultural & horticulture society ltd) .
  9. Reading the information on the bakewell website I presumed it was the bakewell show ground group. http://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/Bakewell-Bakewell-Winter-Wonderland/details/?dms=3&feature=1061&venue=6042850
  10. Thanks for the apology. I'm a regular visitor to the bakewell show and just presumed it would like that but more Christmasy. We expected mud and rain but not even a Christmas trees in sight. Apparently it was organised by the bakewell show ground that's why we expected better.
  11. This comment sums it up for me and my family "It actually wasn't the mud that upset me, it was the lack of stalls, nothing there... only a fair, not what I expected and no Christmas atmosphere at all.
  12. Did anyone go what did you think? In my opinion it wasn't a wonderland just a qoggy mess. Hardly anything there to get me into the festive spirit and all for £5 a ticket (and we bought 7) really expected more .
  13. Twice we've had our burning bin stolen. Of all the things they could have stole it was our bloody burning bins. So I started filling the new one with dog mess. Woke up the other morning and found it half way down the path but not stolen.
  14. The star reporting a tornado had formed over Sheffield. They have also released a video..
  15. We watched what looked like a tornado forming then it just dispersed...
  16. Search Foxhill in the forum search box and you will see what some parts are like
  17. Well that's my holiday buggerd...
  18. Due to fly to turkey tomorrow what should I do???
  19. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/armed-police-called-to-sheffield-suburb-after-reports-of-weapons-spotted-1-7993733
  20. I've voted out but I think the in vote will get it .
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