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  1. This is the most sensible post I've read in a long time on Sheffield forum
  2. Obviously this was a targeted attack. Why do people always bash parson cross? It's always the people who don't live in the area that always try to have a go. You can guarantee if I say hello to anyone in parson cross you will get a hello back. I've tried this in many areas of snobby areas of Sheffield and most of the time all you get back is a dirty look. We do have a large majority of doleys on the cross but we also have a massive majority of workers as well.
  3. It's about time that cameras have been put up. Are they cctv or just parking cameras?. I hate this car park. 5 times this year my car has been damaged due to sloppy or blind drivers. The last time I parked in said car park someone left my front bumper hanging off.
  4. I'm needing to hire a 1000kg engine hoist (crane). All of the hire centres I've looked at only do 500kg hoists for the day and 1000kg ones for the week. I only need a 1000kg hoist for 1-2 days,so it seems daft and a waist of money hiring it for the week. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Get the car and you could always drive him to skeggy for a holiday.
  6. What are we supposed to? Oh ye let's just sit back and be British with our stiff upper lip and do NOTHING. This is going too far now.
  7. I'm infuriated with this chicken <removed> terroist. Attacking young defenceless girls,children and family's. I hope they burn eternally in HELL. I'M SO MAD and ANGRY
  8. Well with the new fencing making it look like a prison,the clientele should feel right at home.
  9. Been warned to steer clear of Morrisons,Tesco and Asda petrol station due to too much silicone or something like that (by two separate mechanics). Sainsbury's was advised for price and quality of product.
  10. Hello it's just some information and advice we're looking for. My son is currently in his final year at secondary school and is due to leave in June. He's wanting to do an Apprenticeship as a IT Practitioner but he's been told that he would have to apply through college,who have employers already set up or find a company ourselves. The thing us if you apply through the college you have to know what your gcse's are and he's not even taken them yet and isn't starting them until after Easter. We also wouldn't know we're to start on finding an employer who would offer a apprenticeship in this field. Any help and advice would really be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Horrendous traffic this morning due to the accident. Traffic backed up,all the way up Halifax road right up to grenoside.
  12. We should protest about very bad driving by most taxi drivers.
  13. I would normally comment on UFOs but I if I do I'd end up being ALIENated..
  14. No that's the other rough ex boozer (magnet) at the top of southey hill what's being turned into a car lot apparently.
  15. I suppose some Eastern Europeans would call this fast food
  16. So let's all become neigh Sayers and start to stirrup some trouble. Why the long face anyway.
  17. What about this afternoon. How depressing, "let's hear how you got over the death of your pet" Radio went straight off..
  18. My family are looking to buy my father inn law a motorbike for his birthday. I can't seem to find a second hand motorbike shop in Sheffield or the surrounding areas. I remember loads years ago but they have all gone. Thanks
  19. I only listen to mr fosters morning show then I turn over because it gets old and boring. Then I tune in for praise and grumble later on .
  20. Poor kid hope he's ok. Stupid irresponsible owners of the dog should have lessons on how to look after animals and not be lazy <removed> and how to keep them in your garden. To the taxi driver for driving nearly double the speed limit for that road, you now should loose your license and your livelihood. I hate that road every time I use it some prat is always right up to my bumper. I stay to the 20 mph limit and can always see them in my mirror cursing me.
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