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  1. you may remember my mum her name was Tina skidmore, she went to foxhill primary around that time would have to ask her to be sure will post again tomorrow. i also went to foxhill in the late 80's my name was emma bishell and did live in the maisonettes on foxhill ave.
  2. I have realy enjoyed reading this thread. please continue to add, would love to hear some ghost storys though. thanks
  3. and say how the owls totaly out played the blades (and how donny won )
  4. money no issue .just wont a nice romantic night (soppy or wot )
  5. iv'e had cats from jackie before she really lives for helping cats and her volenteer helpers do as well !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. please ....please .........please help ..what a great person to help im sending my cash !
  7. i wont proper scrap metal prefebly lead let me know (not stolen )
  8. i need a fence asap at the lowest price .(pannel fencing)
  9. does anyone know whats been going on i think its meadowhall road its just off Barrow road, went to Meadowhall at around 6pm and the police had got the road closed and all traffic cops all around need info. thanks.
  10. hillsborough had it now its proper laging it down still
  11. we live in foxhill,river flowing down road !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. police have taken away 2 young girls now they r watching a property
  13. yes yet more trouble on edgewell cres, foxhill, the police have turned up for the second time in a week.
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