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  1. They’ve made a situation even worse and definitely an accident waiting to happen. When coming down pitsmoore road and joining Derick dooly way they’ve shortened the junction heading up towards pitsmoore road. So the traffic heading down you had space to go around traffic in the first lane. Now the junction has been restricted you can’t swing round as you now have the approaching traffic heading directly in the same path. It’s causing more traffic as because of this the traffic is backing up pitsmoore road.
  2. Anyone have any information on the sheaf running under Matilda street ? My children attend utc and I’m just hoping it’s not flooding.
  3. Yep I second this. In town the only bit of surface water (biggish puddle) was in front of the train station. The only issue we’ll have in town is if the rivers burst their banks .
  4. Can you still view the council traffic cameras ? I’ve tried looking for them but they seem to be dated 3 years ago.
  5. Word of warning. I’ve just returned home from town and the don and sheaf are about 3/4 foot from breaking banks..
  6. He’s trying to imply that Brexiteers are ALL racist
  7. Yes you’re right. Once you go in they stamp your hand then you can come and go all day.
  8. Visited yesterday. I wouldn’t plan to go just yet. It’s still not fully operational so kind of didn’t get my money’s worth yesterday. Plus I still wouldn’t call it a museum as I was expecting to see some of the very first consoles/arcade games but as it’s not fully finished I was disappointed not to see any. On a lighter note they do have a original space raiders and donkey kong cabinet oh and they also had Track and field. The kids loved it, went in at 11 and didn’t leave until 4 so overall i/we did enjoy the experience..
  9. Just seen this .. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-15-uks-first-permanent-video-game-museum-opens-in-november Apparently it’s going to be in the old castle house co-op building.. Excellent.
  10. Wheel lane eccelsfield is one that is baffling me. I find it really strange that now anything over 7.5 tone is now made to go up yewlane. Bearing in mind yewlane/Chaucer road is a hell of a lot more populated by council and excouncil houses and also has two schools situated on said roads.. Wheel lane isn’t as populated and the housing situated on wheel lane are all high priced private houses. All a little fishy to me.. If you don’t believe me google map it..
  11. I think it was a local primary school competition on who could design the worst road design
  12. Elbow grease from Home Bargins or b&m for a quid.. Excellent stuff I definitely sware by it. It’s cleaned my oven, car engine and grease marks on our static caravan.
  13. Google paranormal x. He’s a YouTuber who dose a lot of ghost hunting videos in and around Sheffield. He’s done loads on the stocksbridge bypass. The last time he was up there videoing was Saturday evening..
  14. I’m getting the impression that most secondary schools are having issues with sen departments at the moment. As a parent of a child who is under sen,personally know how we’ve been let down with this department. We’ve also known several parents in different secondary schools who’s children are under sen are also experiencing issues.
  15. What’s the point of a Lord Mayor now days anyway.. Just for cutting ribbons for new store openings.. It’s all just pageantry in my eyes Get rid of the title it’s a waste of money and time.
  16. I know I’m banging on about the homeless/beggars but I was disappointed regarding the amount of them we have laying and sitting around town. I walked from pondsforge to the bottom of the moor and back again and counted 18 beggars. I offerd to buy two homeless guys a sandwich but they both refuse and asked if I’d got any money instead. As I walked back past the boots on fargate it dawned on me why they were asking for money and not food as the two guys I’d just offered food too were buying drugs off another guy. All this under the nose of a police officer riding a bike ..
  17. I’m so saddened to hear this news..
  18. Any update on the working environment at any marketing? My friend has a chance of working for ant and wants to know the current situation. Thanks
  19. Loved the megatron video. Oh ye the pub crawl video is very funny
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