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  1. I personally do not believe that schools are as all-important as we are often lead to believe. Now as has been the case ten, twenty, or fifty years ago I say that the weight of responsibility lies with the parents. Children need to be taught, trained and most importantly inspired. By their parents! I want my kids to be better than me in every discipline they have the potential to be better. I sure won't rely on "the system" to produce this result. School is where they learn some basics the powers-to-be of the day want them to know. At home is where they learn the skills and virtues which will make the difference for them in their future.
  2. Why not make it stop on? Because the same speedometer must accommodate different wheel/tyre sizes and arguably tyre wear would affect the accuracy to some extent as well. A largish wheel rotates less often than a small wheel, therefore would indicate a lower speed. As modern cars are controlled by a computer, perhaps there's a setting somewhere for the tyre size? Wouldn't hurt to ask...
  3. Some of you argue as if you'd actually be able to have rational thoughts when presented with an animal-on-road scenario at speed. I have had my fair share of animal road incidents, including hitting a full-grown deer at 70mph, another was a hare on Easter Sunday (of all days in the year!) and let me tell you this: You don't really get to think it through. You react mostly instinctively while to a lesser degree there's a degree of situational awareness. And then it's already over. If you actually had time to think it through, you were never in danger of hitting it anyway.
  4. You need to work within the system to effect change. Unless you get a majority in parliament to back your plans, you'll always remain an outlaw while you consume/trade illegal substances. The strategy "We'll just do it anyway, they can't lock us all away" has been pursued for decades and clearly isn't working. As I said, as long as it's illegal, don't do it but work towards a functioning system which can be adapted by our society, for a broad legalisation at this stage has no popular mandate and probably won't have anytime soon either.
  5. I personally think that there are certain recreational drugs which should be governed by strict licensing laws and profits to go to the tax man, instead of organised crime. We are heavily taxing alcohol, nicotine and petrol, all which can be used irresponsibly. Might as well do the same with cannabis. That is a discussion to be made on the legislative level. But until it's legal, just don't do it. Insisting on continuously using it, while it's clearly illegal just shows to me that its continued consumption is not as voluntary as we are supposed to believe. By all means, apply democratic pressure to have the system changed, but until then, don't use it. That can't be that hard, can it?
  6. @Jeffrey Shaw Thank you for your reply. It's interesting to note the price difference. I had a nosy on the property shop website and the 3 bedroom houses there seem to go for about £350pcm or thereabouts. But they are all 'priority or over 10 years', so for regular folks unobtainable anyway. On a page by SCC, it says the maximum housing benefit for a 3 bedroom house is £495 and for that amount there are definitely privately owned houses for rent on the private market. But it's not as if they'd get the difference reimbursed. I've read some horror stories how tenants on benefits purposefully broke their private tenancy agreements to be evicted so they'd get priority housing status. But I just don't get the 'WHY' behind it. It will almost permanently destroy their credit worthiness. And people not on benefits would get away with it even less, so they're even less incentivised to pursue a queue jumping scam. I just don't get it. Thoughts?
  7. No, I'm not thinking that ... I'm actually going to be one of those landlords (not strictly intentionally) and I am trying to understand everything involved to minimise my risk. Particularly the financial forces involved which cause people to lie, cheat and ruin their credit history in order to get into council housing was something I was curious about.
  8. Thank you for your reply, Leah... Does anyone have, or knows someone who has, first-hand experience going through tenant background checks with those companies?
  9. There must be a financial incentive why to many it seems more desirable to rent from the council than to rent from a private landlord. Let's set aside the stability aspect, can people who are renting from the council tell me how much they pay rent, or how much they *know* that someone else pays rent? Or is there a list somewhere and all those prices are fixed permanently? I.e. X hundreds of £ for a 2 bed room flat on an estate somewhere. Thank you, -Armin
  10. I am a freshly re-baked landlord, used to be a live-in landlord, this time I am going to let the whole house outright and I want to do it right from the get-go. I am working towards becoming acceptable to the SCC Responsible Landlord program, Saturday I am getting gas and electricity certificates, have EPC, aligning some appliances with repair plans. I have now decided against using an agent (I repeatedly asked for the terms of conditions to be emailed to me prior to contemplating signing anything and they dragged their heels), I figure the £50pcm are better spent towards appliance repair plans and landlord insurance. However, I am somewhat stumped for the landlord insurance quote I have received would require tenant background checks performed by either Equifax or Experian. Correct me if I am wrong, but is that not a catch-22? Could someone who'd receive SCC benefits towards housing expenses actually pass those checks by these companies? Or is the emphasis of these background checks on reliability and reputation and less about credit situation? Please, can someone provide some insight into this? Am I wasting my time trying to become a 'Responsible Landlord', should I just go the no-DSS route like so many others? Your opinions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, -Armin
  11. I find that a good audiobook in the MP3 player helps with the boredom. Driving's just another chore nowadays. Gets you from A to B. Cheaper, faster and with more flexibility than public transport (except Megabus etc... I cant beat them on price) and that's about it. I sympathise with anyone who wants to go fast, but nowadays going fast or in a big fat or fast car just seems like a waste of hard-earnt money to me, so I don't.
  12. On the motorway it's not an issue, plenty of slow-going trucks and slow lanes. And there were plenty of others going slow as well. And yes, it was quite boring. I prefer the thrill of speed myself. But money's tight, so I was listening to audiobooks to cheer me up. And if it costs me £5 less to arrive half an hour later, that's becoming a worthwhile incentive.
  13. I thought I share that with you all. I have a 12-year old Audi A4, 1.9 TDI. 90bhp. Typically in the past it did 45mpg, driving pretty much full bore. Driving from Sheffield to Gatwick Airport, south of London (including a detour via Kettering on an A-road) I decided to try to minimise my expenditure. I kept rpms below 2500rpm at all times. Never exceeded the legal speed limit. Always switched gears as early as possible. Only accelerated gently. Now keep in mind this is mostly motorway miles. I had filled up the tank before I set out and once arrived, I filled it back up again. I had used 16.4 litres and I had driven 237 miles. Unless I screwed up the math, that's 65.7 MPG. So I plan to beat the rising fuel prices, by driving slower. I'm currently applying above's technique to my daily commute from Gatwick to Carshalton, an equal mix between motorway and urban miles. If anyone's interested, then I'll share my mileage calculations with them once I have compiled more data. -Armin
  14. I had some water damage due to a leaking roof and I need a small ceiling in a hallway repapered. It's a bit hard to access due to being in a stairwell, but I couldnt do it anyway as I have not the first clue about wallpapering. Is someone willing to do this bit of work for me? I'm willing to pay a very reasonable rate. Please call 07940 073944. I'll only be in Sheffield until Wednesday Night. (decided to stay longer, unlike mentioned in previous edit) Thanks a lot! -Armin
  15. I'm looking for a buy-to-let mortgage provider with better terms than what the Woolwich could offer me... They offer: best interest atm 5.54% (tracker, thus variable) Can borrow up to 75% of property value Rental income must be at least 130% of monthly interest £275 for survey (incl report) £350 application fee Anybody knows of better terms? Must be a reputable outfit still please...
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