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  1. I think Peter kay was back on form tonight, i think it was the funniest the thing i've seen in ages. Great to see so many famous people involved plus i love "The winners song" looking forward to next week.
  2. i would like a bit of information please i am wanting to use Ustream to broadcast my own show but i want to put videos into the show without using cam twist or webcammax does anyone have any ideas how to do it or any other site similar that allows you to add videos easily i have tried operator 11 and didn't like it at all can anyone help:) please
  3. lol i don't know if i would dare lol i'd have to be rather loopy lol:loopy:
  4. i would consider it aslong as there was no way of my name being involved
  5. it's not worth the hassle it would cause me and my family:confused:
  6. The reason i want to sell them is a long long story and i can't really go into detail but put it this way i no longer have any need or want to keep them lol:) plus i would prefer the money now
  7. I have several personal letters from "someone know to the public eye" that i would like to sell they are signed and dated and have personal information in them regarding this person i also have 3 signed magazines, 1 book and 1 personal photo of the said person i was just wondering how i would go about selling something like this and finding out the true value of the bulk of the items as i don't know where to start anyone have any information as i would appreciate any help at all:)
  8. Just run to the mod who worked at Middlewood Hospital
  9. Love my family (my fiance, pets etc) Hate Frauds con artists etc
  10. Discussion or Lynch mob - why can't we have a proper debate on Sheffield forum that nicked me off due to all the editing that took place.
  11. Myself and Jon have had so many different people be malicious towards us especially since we started HRPI and we have taken a hell of a lot of stick from all manner of people including people we classed as friends. We have had nasty and malicious emails, phone calls, threats and lots more. We have been accused of being ‘frauds’ and untrustworthy by these people, we have never retaliated either but watch as these people make fools of themselves we have never used foul means we have also stood back and took whatever was thrown at us as we stood by and watched these small minded people get their just deserts. We just laugh it off and become stronger for it as a group and trust me the Paranormal field is more cut throat than people think!. But at the end of the day shouldn’t we all be working together as were all after the same thing, we are willing to work with anyone as we love teaming up with other Paranormal groups but one thing I can definitely say is that myself or Jon are neither frauds or untrustworthy we value people and friendships too much to be like that. I also have to agree with Fivetide that people should apologise when they are mistaken.
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