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  1. Are there TV's there? Can you see re-runs of all that classic comedy there while eating?
  2. Perhaps it's your tired attempts to wind up vegetarians, by telling them how great you think your food is, while belittling theirs that brings out that side of the vegetarians you know? Perhaps they don't feel the need to explain themselves to you, while you gently mock them? Out of interest, if meat is so tasty, why do you feel the need to soak other flavours into it over night? PS No, because they are unfertilised eggs.
  3. I guess your niece would be the only person able to answer that question
  4. Interesting fact: Everyone on SF is correct 110% of the time
  5. It is a fact that these last few posts are hilarious
  6. Conspiracy Theorists and over 600 airline pilots. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070417151914AANskRS
  7. That reads to me as "You'd probably find that your local greengrocer can deal with your requirements better, as we don't especially give a damn about your issues".
  8. I fear for the future, especially when reading the DM. Mind you, that article describes a despicable scenario.
  9. Except that many Y2K predications were sorted by software fixes
  10. Indeed. They really need to decide if opium or hashish make the better import.
  11. The Cross Scythes is their latest edition, is it? Eye mite sea weather there bored as hen knee miss steaks.
  12. Or in other words "should people not have the legal right to prevent someone else's unwanted and / or inappropriate behaviour towards them"
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