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  1. Thanks yeah looks like I might go for that one... I think it's nearest I can get on bus thanks again
  2. Duh did that.. couldn't find anything that's why I asked here...only thing I found dated back to 2007
  3. Is there any buses that goes into or near rothervalley country park? From city centre
  4. The abbeyfield one closed down now the houses are empty, but yeah Jessops would appreciate them I'm sure of it
  5. where in sheffield can i get a paddling pool from? preferably 8 or 10ft.. argos, decathlon and supermarkets sold out
  6. People would just laugh at you ...no damage to car.. No one hurt .. You can't even prove she did clip your wing mirror.. Talk about over reacting jeez
  7. His real name is Alan but if you ask he he tells you his name is Dennis waterman.. And he changed it by deed poli..rumours have it he was abused by his father and was locked away for periods of time when he was younger and it sent him that way...my dad knew him years ago
  8. I've seen adults lowering their very small children into the clothes recycling bins and they lift them out carrying handful of clothes what people placed in there...every morning around 7am near my school it happens... One person challenged them one morning and he didn't speak very good English but managed to say he got 5 children and they need clothes so I take.....
  9. Well I hope whoever found the dogs has contacted police so these idiots can be dealt with...
  10. Nope don't have time to read each and every post just thought I'd add my bit.. But my reply doesn't seem to have bothered anyone else only you.. But thanks anyway for taking time to reply to My bit
  11. It's for insurance purposes..if the bus was to have an accident and that pensioner was wanting to make a claim ..the ticket proves he/she was on that bus at that time....
  12. I was just walking past one night and didn't realise the bloke was coming out with reduced items and one woman swung my trolley straight round in a circle to get closer...I had to look cos I thought she had fallen at first, but no she grabbed almost everything the poor bloke had put down along with the rest of her family and relatives...in a matter of seconds it was all gone lol
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