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  1. I'd keep it in my gym bag and have it as my locker pound, or keep it in the car and use it as my trolley pound.
  2. I did have quite a few energy saving light bulbs I was sent through the post by EON and then British Gas. They were fine until I bought some fancy touch light switches off ebay. These turned my energy saving bulbs into mini strobe lights even when turned off so I had to change back to the old style light bulbs.
  3. Does John Obi Mikel count? He was a United player but never played for them.
  4. I don't know why Matt Lucas brought Sara back into to the boardroom as Sir Allan had practically said she was safe by telling her not to worry and he can see when people are ganging up and bullying people. The only chance he had of not being fired was if he brought the ginger annoying one with the big chin back in with him.
  5. We went to our next door neighbours to watch it as they have Freeview but also subscribe to Setanta on there. We waited up all night, watched the build up and then at 3am it said to change the channel. We did and it was blank, we returned to the original channel and that was now blank. We rang Setanta who said thousands were having the same problem and there was nothing they could do. We ended up listening on 5 live and from listening to that I was expecting Hopkins to win but was happy Calzaghe won.
  6. Subway melt on Italian bread with everything apart from onions and mayonaise light... perfect!
  7. Twice a day, the first at 9:56am on the dot and the second mid afternoon sometime.
  8. I have the q6850 mainly because I'm forever multi tasking and need it to keep up. Although it was fairly expensive (I've had it several months) it does work like a dream and I've not had any problems yet, touch wood.
  9. If I'm doing a fixed width site I tend to go with 960px wide but also check it in 800 x 600 to make sure it's not too bad.
  10. Despite the 1 in 14.5 million chance, I win the UK national lottery three times a week without actually buying a ticket. Now THAT is lucky! All I have to do is send every single last detail about myself and my finances to some fella in Nigeria (for the UK lotto) and I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams.
  11. This annoys me aswell and it only seems to happen with web design and computer fixing etc. They seem to think a 5 page bespoke site is something I can 'knock up' in about 5 minutes and they always want their site to be top in Google Searches the afternoon the site goes live. As it happens, I need a bathroom plumbing in, are there any plumbers out there who are willing to travel to Cambridge and fit my bathroom? I can't afford to pay you but if you do it I'll knock you £10 off the price of a website. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Raymond's dad in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Father Ted
  13. My rabbit currently lives in our 'lean to' as it's still quite cold outside. He has now mastered climbing a clothes rack to get on top of the freezer so he can spy on us through the kitchen window. He also loves playing football either on his own or will follow the ball around if I play with it. Last month I couldn't find him anywhere, it turns out he's jumped onto the swing bin and went straight through the lid into the bottom where he seemed quite happy munching on some cabbage.
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