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  1. Not a problem. Our company happens to have a shop avialable on abbeydale road if thats any good to you. Gary
  2. Hi, As with anything rents are usually negotiable. If using an agent you can always ask them to go back to the landlord for a better price. If dealing with the landlord direct, a number of months rent up front is always a good incentive for them to be more flexible on the price. Alternatively if they aren't willing to move you can asked for a stepped rent i.e 50% rent 1st month to allow you to set up, 75% second and third month to allow your customer base to grow. Good luck securing somewhere new for your business and if you need help finding anywhere let me know and i'll see if any of our landlords have anything. Gary
  3. Hi I am looking to buy a house in the Richmond / Castlebeck area asap for my sister. Are you able to send me a link? I am in a position to complete straight away and may even have a cash offer - thanks Stacey
  4. Hi Why not give Anthony Jacksons a call on 0114 2585887 He handles all our commercial/lockup shop type spaces and we currently hav a places available at Valley Road in Meersbrook (probably your best bet), a lockup shop at Upperthrope and a few shops near the city centre. He also manages other buildings/ industrial lets but i obviously think our stuff is better! cheers Gary
  5. thanks for your reply. We let our professional stuff ourselves but use tapton for our student properties. None of the ones you described were ours but what i've read has disturbed me slightly. Cheers
  6. Hi Ghetto Pony, can you let me know which properties you went to see? we have a couple of properties let through tapton and was just wondering if you looked at any of ours? Also for anyone who is interested we have some proffesional duplex apartments in wlakley available to rent. pm for more details. Cheers Gary
  7. Hi Yeah we use them for all our apartments, really decent folk! very busy though, but i guess thats because they're good at what they do. G
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