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  1. No it hasnt. I take my 2 children fairly regularly as its our local park. Ive never encountered anything or anyone that id deem a threat or dangerous. Although ive never walked through after 7pm. Its often busy with dog walkers and people with children during the day. Im so sad this has happened so close by, and wish the poor boy a speedy recovery.
  2. Yeah, doh! meant hope its not a shooting!
  3. We live near the park and were just wondering why the helicopter had been circling for so long, 30+ mins... hope its not gun related.
  4. I had the exact same problem last summer, got a new car, waited 7 weeks for V5 form to come through so can't get a new permit without it. Even though we still had months left on existing one. Had lots of conversations about this with the parking team. Got same answer- park elsewhere, or use visitor permits. It's one of THE main reasons we have sold our house and moved out of S11 as got so fed up of the hassle of parking, or paying to have a permit and still can't park!
  5. We did get letters through the post advising us of the changes a while ago, but as with most things- advising us rather than consulting.... I thought the previous parking scheme was good, but since the sub division ( I live at hunters bar) I can park on streets that are nowhere near me so therefore no use to me! And actually my biggest annoyance about it is that, my street was permit parking all week and weekends- which weekends are the busiest times to park and its dead during week as we are all out working, since changes permit parking is mon-fri. So it's a nightmare trying to get a space at weekends when we DO actually want to park outside our house. Who's stupid idea was that?!
  6. I think they see that many people, (we see someone different everytime we go), they just tell you anything tbh, and nobody follows up. The midwife said i'd need to see a specialist about my back and having an epidural at my 12 week scan, and im still waiting to hear anything about it!.... and im now 24 weeks... I dont mind whether I have a natural birth, im just concerned how much pain its going to be if I cant have an epidural, and also the chances of twin 2 turning when the 1st one is out- which happened to a friend of ours, then she had to have emergency c section! Ive not been too worried about it till now- but im so excited, I just cant wait for them to be here now! Im having a girl and boy so pleased! Do you know what you are having? You sound more organised than me- havent even got a hospital bag yet!! Although bought some things to go in it today as in possibly 10 weeks or more they might be here!!
  7. Hi Cle-cky, Im expecting twins on 3rd Dec, I am also a little annoyed with the consultant and midwives ive spoken to about labour and possibility of having a c-section. They just seem to brush me off everytime I ask about it, saying its too early to be talking about it! Im going to be a new mummy to twins, ive got no idea what to expect, so very anxious about the whole thing tbh! Also been told i might not be able to have an epidural due to previous back surgery and where the scarring is, so I find it so frustrating with there lack of communication with me when I ask. Going back in 5 weeks for 28 week scan and to see consultant, so not leaving this time without some reassurances!!
  8. Thanks fabgirl, ill give them a ring this week and ask them to chase it up, I just thought its typical NHS paperwork that takes weeks to process and probably delayed...
  9. Hi, can anyone tell me how long do you normally have to wait for your maternity certificate to come through? The receptionist in doctors said it can take about 4 few weeks, and pharmacist said usually about 3 weeks... Ive been waiting about 8 weeks now... Is this about normal? Its not been a problem so far when getting a prescription as im clearly pregnant, but just wondering where it has got too!
  10. We went to Patoo on Ecclesall Rd in January, it was a sunday night when they do a small buffet for about £11 p/p. The food was excellent, we will be going back again. Also went to All Siam, a few doors up- that was also very nice. Out of the 2, we preferred Patoo.
  11. I was surprised to see 2 near my house at Hunters Bar, then a further 4 on Sharrowvale road- never seen police walking round here, in the 6 years I have lived here! I wondered what was going on? Other than the obvious strikes, as nothing was going on round here....
  12. In my experience, my parner's experience and my father-inlaw's experience, then yes - they have forgotten how to care. An hour is just an example - the point is that they invite people to come in up to 9 or 10 hours before their op, which is completely unnecessary and down to inept organisation.
  13. I'd like to hear what these countless examples are? I would never willingly work for the NHS - it would be too frustrating seeing the daily lack of care, but if I had to, I'd invent something called an appointments system. (genius - I know) Then I'd ask people to arrive in good time to do all of the pre-op stuff, allowing for some flexibility. I wouldn't invite 10 people to come in at 7 am knowing that the earliest I could see at least one of them would be 9 hours later!
  14. You're obviously confused and missing the point. Its not about the world revolving around my faher-in-law or the individual staff in question. The system is broken. The NHS is an institution that has forgotten how to care for patients. Nowhere in this country would you be told to wait around all day to possibly receive a service if you were directly paying for it - because it is not acceptable. With the NHS you don't have a choice, so they set up inept processes where nobody knows what will happen or when, until it actually happens. They could easily of arranged for him to come in at an hour's notice, but they just don't care, which is exactly why he should complain.
  15. Thats just an ignorant comment, yes he should complain. Yes it is a pain that he had to sit for 9 hours, but why didnt someone know at, lets say 1pm that they clearly were not going to get through that list, and send people home. By the sounds of it at least 3 people who have wrote on here havent had it done.... so why take so long in notifying them!? Maybe they should re-think their operating list system....
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