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  1. For those of you who are familiar with the royal mail office on bank street in the city centre, i have some sad news. The lease for the office is coming to an end soon and its possible the office may close. Those of you who use it on a regular basis know its a vital outlet if you want to drop off business mail or post your letters and packets. For those of you who are unaware that it even exists, its a quick and convenient place to post your mail and buy stamps without the need to queue for ages in wilko's. Over the next 2 weeks from july 30th a viability study will take place. Just to see how many people use it, the revenue it generates and how much business mail it takes. So if you havn't used the office in a while or you're just curious about it, call in and post your mail or buy some stamps. Its on bank street, opposite the job centre, just round the corner from argos the office hours are 12 noon til 6.30pm monday to friday. You can send stamped or business mail recorded and special delivery all types of international mail including signed, tracked and recorded. Its a cash only office so no card payments. Fingers crossed
  2. its a maestro by gibson. gibson probably sell the licence to use the name. but who cares , it's ok for a beginner.
  3. hi duckegg. I've just started to learn guitar using a Gibson acoustic. its a budget model around £70 new . as most beginners will tell you its hard on the fingertips and I'm now considering looking for an electric. maybe look for a good 2nd hand one before you decide which is best for your son.
  4. try jason ripley at rother valley golf centre. ive used him over the years, he is very good, always very patient and has gift packages available.
  5. go back to bank street morrisminor. wilko's post office will be around for a long time but the smaller ones may close without regular users
  6. its a royal mail office and not post office counters so no giro cashing,bill payments,car tax etc...just mail.
  7. Did you know? If you are in town and you want to post some mail or buy stamps. Dont waste time with the endless queue in the main post office in wilkinsons. Just a couple of minutes walk away there is a post shop. Its situated on bank street, just around the corner from argos opposite the job centre. You can buy stamps and send uk and international mail. (not parcel force). The services include...1st and 2nd class letters and packets, recorded delivery, special next day delivery, international signed and airsure items. Payment is by cash only so no debit or credit cards, and all items must be pre packaged as packaging is not for sale. The opening hours are monday to friday. 12 midday to 1.30pm 2.30pm to 6.30pm lunchtime is 1.30pm to 2.30pm all special delivery, international signed and airsure items must be in by 6.15pm.
  8. jason ripley at rother valley golf centre.
  9. just had a large conifer taken down if you want the logs from it you will have to pick it up before monday 24th may. its all free sheffield 2553515
  10. ive just had a large conifer taken down and anyone who wants the logs can come and get em for free before monday morning 24th of may. the bulk of the logs have been cut to managable size so if you want em come and get em. tel sheffield 2553515 thanks
  11. sorry to hear about your cat our elvis was knocked down on boxing day and we live on a quiet cul de sac it was the worst xmas ever . we are now looking for a kitten just remember dogs are a lot more responsibility. they need lots of walks no matter what the weather and who likes picking up dog poo with a plastic bag. good luck
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