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  1. Cool, I'll pop in and have a look, do you know if they have a proper website?, can only find them on yell Cheers
  2. Anyone know where I can buy a decent gaming case in Sheffield?, looking to spend around £50. I'm in the process of building a new gaming PC (i5 CPU etc) and have all parts except the case. I ordered the Antec One gaming case from dabs but they are still awaiting stock. It does t have to be anything fancy Thanks Paul.
  3. Whats your verdict on the Vita a few months down the line, I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure as I've heard developers are still reluctant to make games for it?
  4. Did a retro games night ever get sorted?
  5. Thinking of heading down to the folk night at Kelham Island tonight, has anyone been to this? is it any good? Cheers Paul.
  6. Hello, I was also too late to enter the race, if anyone has a place to sell I can transfer the cost over straight away. You an contact me on the following address:- paul.burkinshaw@gmail.com Kind Regards Paul.
  7. Its ace, me and my girfriend are addicted to it. For the past week or so all we have done when we get in from work is fire up the Xbox and jump straight in to multiplayer and thats where we pretty much remain the rest of the evening (pausing only to grab snacks and beers ) Any of you guys play multiplayer on XBox live?
  8. Thanks for these, Harlequin is at the top of the list so far Their website lists the following real ciders:- - Ross-On-Wye Farmhouse Perry – 6.0% - Millwhites Whisky Cask Cider – 7.5% - Millwhites Rum Cask Cider – 7.5% - Thatchers Cheddar Valley – 6.0% - Mr Whitehead’s Midnight Special Perry – 6.0% - Cider Niks Vat 3 – 6.5% - Ben Crossman Home Orchard Special – 7.0% - Ben Crossman Medium Cider – 6.0% - Gwynt Y Draig Haymaker – 6.5% - Gwynt Y Draig Black Dragon – 7.2% - Oliver’s Perry – 6.0% So quite a few to go on there!
  9. Hello all, me and my friend are planning on going on a 'cider tour' of Sheffield tonight and are just plotting our route, are there any avid cider drinkers here who could recommend the best places to go? So far we have - Red Deer - Fagans - Grapes - Kelham Island Tavern - Devonshire cat
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