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  1. possible some where in rotherham of 1890 the corporation owned some land called (northfield ) can anyone shed any light on it please
  2. why dont yer get them to learn how to use the door
  3. yer wasting yer time petitions dont work,and the council are a waste of time and space. yer best bet is buy some black and white paint and put the crossing where yer want.paint it at night less traffic put some cones out while the paint dries.
  4. i agree on planning fees for buildings but my issue is on what type of building. if its a extension to a house £200 is a price to pay, but when its a 4 metre storage building bottom of the garden with no connected utilities should be less than £100
  5. was there a small family business by a Mr. T. Easton which made leather covers for seats,cushions etc. it was located on Lumley street/Worthing road in the 1980s.
  6. some years back my brother did a bird in a tree does that count
  7. a £200 fee for planning permission by the council is robbing me blind for a yes or no answer
  8. they should put a wacking big jolly roger on the flag pole with the amount of money they keep charging everybody
  9. that place is terrible it needs something doing about it or reporting to health and safety board. the traffic queuing out and down the road is making it hazardous to other road uses. when inside the yard unloading yer car you shouldn't have to use them metal steps to access the skips
  10. if anybody is going to see santa can you ask him if he carries any chimmney grease just in case:hihi:
  11. if youve got evidence whos done it dont give'm thinking time to own up. did they give you any warning, i would guess thats a NO then. get the cops in and do'em
  12. if youve got a power cut whats powering your pc then
  13. so, where is the location of sandersons field then any ideas
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