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  1. Hey, me and a friend have built a basic search service to find restaurants in Sheffield. It's a Facebook page and all you have to do is send us a message, our chatbot will then present you with options. Simply follow the options and it will suggest restaurants for you. It's just something we are doing in our spare time as we'd like to give Sheffield restaurants a bit more visibility, there are some cracking ones out there! Please give it a try. Like i say, it's very basic as i've mentioned, so we would love people's feedback on this if they try it out Find a restaurant in Sheffield
  2. Hi all, i'm currently on a design project and I would like to engage with sheffielders or even people who just visit the city. How do you experience the city? What in your opinion makes sheffield a great place to live, work, study etc? What makes sheffield unique to other cities in the UK primarily in the north compared to the likes of manchester or leeds for example? Just a few questions to get the ball rolling, and of course if you don't particularly like the city feel free to give feedback. Thanks
  3. We never saw eye to eye when it came to football banter but thats how it stayed, banter! R.I.P Paul Blade
  4. QPR squad is just incredibly strong for this league, if we get anything from this game ill be happy ---------- Post added 01-08-2013 at 14:06 ---------- what has happened to buxton?
  5. for me we can find a better player to do their job.
  6. We are playing in the toughest most competitive league in the world. anybody beats anybody week in week out. If thats part of your case to oust him then every manager in the championship should go to. ---------- Post added 07-05-2013 at 14:05 ---------- The football under Megson was FAR WORSE, and we played equally as bad in most of the games in league 1. The fact of the matter is the championship is a much much tougher league, and it takes time to build a team (squad) that can play attractive and winning football. Our aim was to stay up and we did, another fact. ---------- Post added 07-05-2013 at 14:09 ---------- I also had bigger expectations of the season and thought we would do better, but im not going to call for a change because being realistic the 1st year is consolidation. We finished 10 points off the playoffs for goodness sake. It's not a massive amount of improvement needed pre season to a squad to become 10 points better than last season. We need to invest in quality
  7. get rid of: Taylor, mattock, pecnik, mayor, prutton, weaver, pugh, howard, llera, semedo, olifinjana, maguire
  8. I think Karl Robinson would be a great manager for the blades but im sure Wolves would be looking at him, and with their parachute payments still coming in and imo a better squad he would more likely go there.
  9. His job description last season was to get us promoted, all of us thought that would probably need to be via the playoffs and he delivered automatic. This season his job description was consolidation (Mandaric did set a 3 year plan afterall) and he achieved this. His budget for this year i believe will be much healthier and he should stay on.
  10. 5 minutes to hand before I head off to the club to celebrate a perfect Monday. I don't care if you like me, I don't care whether you like my posts, I don't care about anything what so ever and this evening I will lift my pint pot to my lips with a nice smile when thinking about the misery of all those Sheffield United fans who are dis-satisfied this evening. Now I hate Yeovil Town with a passion but tonight I will give them this victory and toast them because quite frankly a good few blades fans need to make a trip down to Wynsor's on langsett road come Monday because you have become way too big for your shoes. Your a poor team in what has turned out to be a very very very very very poor open LEAGUE 1 this year, if my auntie had a pair she would have been my uncle. Look down United because your not good enough to look upwards! I don't need to talk about my team were fine! Your "thug" as we call him will NOT see you over the line with his passion alone! We are delighted we can call him "agent". One thing for certain, those players in United shirts WILL BE getting jobs as dog walkers any time soon because they cant play football. Yeovil 2 - 0 South Barnsley COME ON YOU BlUE & WHITE WIZZAAAAAARRRRRRRDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSS! ---------- Post added 06-05-2013 at 19:37 ---------- To the decent blades on here, commiserations.
  11. Be an unbearable step backwards if the worse does happen on saturday. I think we are going to need to win this game to stay up
  12. The club rightfully should make ticket prices as cheap as possible. Its the least they can do for what pretty much every blades fan will see as a disapointing season (to this point).
  13. id like to see a penalty shootout between utd and brentford in the final then. could last longer than the previous 120 minutes played
  14. haha great post. ---------- Post added 30-04-2013 at 11:53 ---------- I was told brentford have a similar record to utd when it comes to playoffs. I'd look it up but frankly cant be bothered. Personally i cant predict whos gonna go up via these playoffs. cant predict who the finalists will be, i think playing the 2nd leg away will probably benefit united though.
  15. not confident 1 bit, i feel barnsley and peterboro have a much better chance of winning than we do.
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