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  1. The HART team are based in Leeds. Due to it being a suspected cyanide attack, the HART team will be specially trained to assist the fire chemical team. 999 rescue squad on UKTV is the program I believe you are talking about.
  2. I am not confused at all, cars will follow the flow of traffic. Red light stops traffic at the chip shop crossing and traffic is still flowing at the back. Some traffic may have already passed the Forbes road red light (although they should be looking ahead and anticipating to stop) and have cars behind them so they can not reverse, at this point they are stuck and should position them self according. Not on the Forbes road crossing but just before it leaving the crossing clear, meaning just behind that car is a yellow grid slip route (which should be kept clear) to allow traffic to come out of Forbes road turn right only (yes I have seen people turn left). Leaving approx 2 cars from the yellow grid to the actual stop line for the lights where there would be other cars queuing. The lights do not work in sync. If the lights at the chip shop are red and there is no vehicle coming from Forbes road and no one to activate the crossing, then the lights to stop the traffic at the stop sign before Forbes road will not be activated. This meaning that most drivers will and usually do que and wait, leaving the crossing and yellow grid clear. But the accidents happen when the drivers do not pay attention to the red light on the crossing, they see the chip shop green light go and the traffic move and then just set off. ---------- Post added 16-06-2018 at 16:40 ---------- The point I am getting at is that the crossing is not at fault, impatient drivers and pedestrians are. That area is perfectly passable for all if road sense and vigilance is used as it should be.
  3. The crossing is marked out, so a driver can stop safely and see the red light without going over the crossing. For the impatient driver that does not stop at the red or if there is abit of a cue on and you have passed the light, there is room for 2 maybe 3 cars to see the red light for the crossing to the stop with out going over or blocking the crossing and the yellow grided slip route for Forbes road. As i have edited above. Every area has a mixture of impatient drivers and impatient pedestrians, and it just seems that the 2 do not mix well in that area.
  4. I seem to manage it fine. Maybe those that find it difficult should pay attention when driving, or go for refresher driver training. Every area has a mixture of impatient drivers and impatient pedestrians, and it just seems that the 2 do not mix well in that area.
  5. Enough said. ---------- Post added 16-06-2018 at 15:54 ---------- Yes there is. Lights on the crossing for the barracks. Then 2 lights telling people to stop before Forbes road and if you miss that, there is one on the crossing telling you not to pass the crossing (if it's red and the green man is active).
  6. There is nothing wrong with that or any other crossing in Hillsborough, it's the people using them that is the issue. From the Hillsborough barracks right down to the Natwest / B&M, people would rather play with their life then wait for the green man. On a different note, I hope the outcome of the pedestrian involved in today's incident turns out ok.
  7. My satnav likes to try and get me to drive through it too, and others around the city. But I pay attention to the road, the surrounding and the road traffic law, meaning i don't fall foul and try and blame the satnav (I think that excuse is surly out of date and can't wash anymore).
  8. None in Sheffield have been resolved yet.
  9. Check this thread with regards to Broadband, it make a good read. It will most likley be the same issue with their other services. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1481305
  10. York do river cruise or self hire https://www.yorkboat.co.uk/
  11. Tavern service station & Red lion garage do the class 7
  12. There was a car fire on the Mosborough bypass.
  13. Me ! Please do tell me how this can be done with out cutting down trees? The whole roads and paths would need to be raised above the pertruding tree roots that have lifted the surfaces (hoping they do not push through the new raised works), the raised roots cause trouble for the elderly, visually impaired and wheel chair uses to navigate around safely. Come winter time when the snow has fallen or icy, they can even make it difficult for the able bodied walkers. I'm sure if you, a family member or friend would fall, slip or trip due to the roots, you would be the first to moan or complain. People moan about thge state of the roads and paths arounds Sheffield and how the council are useless, now they are trying, they can't do right for doing wrong. If they were cutting the trees down for fun, I would too be in uproar. But as they are doing it to make the road and path network better (something I pay my taxes for) then I am in support for the removal. The fact that these trees we planted as living memorial, I am sure if people come together (in a civil manner) to try and arrange a fixed local memorial, maybe the council could arrange it.
  14. Say no more. They are not chopping them down for fun, the trees are causing damage to the road and pavement.
  15. TBH I would just pay the SCC PCN and take it as an experience, otherwise, have a word with the ward. Depending on the circumstances, they may be able to issue you with a note to park in the Jessops carpark.
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