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  1. the meat's wafer thin, so doesn't count.
  2. I'm not in the best of health to be taking fences down at the moment, and I'd rather keep on the moral high ground even if some of you think that is too high. I think it should be incumbent on the current owner to put right what he has done, and not me or the next owner. Furthermore, if the next owner has a large 4x4 or caravan it should be brought to his attention before he completes that he can't park it on his drive. I would like something in writing. I remember reading that property owners had a legal duty to notify buyers of neighbour disputes in a sale. But who, how? This could all be academic, there could be new owners moving in tomorrow.
  3. Been out of the country for a few weeks and on return the house next door has a sold sign up. Thing is that the owner has put a small fence up and nicked some of our land. It was always difficult to get his car in next door so I think he's made it more attractive to sell while our house was empty. I want to make a fuss (wife doesn't) and get it put right, and I'd prefer to do it with the old neighbour rather than the new one. Problem is I don't know where the owner lives, he moved out months ago, I can't trace him and the agents won't tell me. Suggestions? Is it possible to find out who the legal/conveyancer people are? I'd like to resolve this before the sale completes.
  4. there was an accident at this very junction last night. Ford car in RHL cuts in at speed forcing car to slam on brakes which is then rammed from behind. the Ford that causes this just puts foot down and speeds off. I'm guessing the driver of car with damage to the front is the one that is going to be blamed for insurance purposes, whilst the real culprit will likely get away with it. the car model and reg number of the real culprit are known, what are the chances of making him pay for his actions?
  5. well since about 2004 when the fraud was initially exposed immunisation rates have been increasing. so the dramatic fall was entirely due to the fraudulent 'research'followed by the irresponsible media. is there a need for a 'third way'? what would it be? answers on a postcard please. clearly the responsibility for our health service is to get immunisation rates up above the rate required to achieve 'herd immunity' or better still eradicate the diseases entirely. is the MMR about saving cost, or better achieving the immunisation target? I have to say, given the almost religious nature of the MMR criticism and the fact our beloved HMG has chucked £'unknown into the NHS anyway, I have to conclude that MMR is a genuine effort to increase the effectiveness of the MMR vaccination effort. there can't be a third way. either MMR or single jabs is the best method, and there can be no compromise. providing optional single jabs in an MMR provision, or vice verse, would be a disaster to the overall effectiveness of any regime. Japan started to provide single jabs (and single jabs only) after problems with their choice of substandard MMR, and the MMR critics were quick to point out that there was no falling off of immunisation rates. but that was Japan with it's obedient society, without the inherent problems in the multicultural UK. of course the MMR critics have been suspiciously silent about the benefits of Japan's single jab regime since it has become clear that their rates of autism have actually gone up since the MMR was phased out. mmmm .
  6. oh yeah just spotted this thread back near the top, so speaking of one of the critics earlier in this thread feel I better defend my comments against those 'cleaning house', some from employees. first, I must say that my criticism is not towards the staff of Gilders, nor the general level of customer service. the fact, as I said elsewhere, that every single car my wife has bought has been from Gilders should show how we feel about the service. my criticism is about strategy. "expand big time" as I said in post #3. and no, it is not aimed at the new location as VW1953 seems to think I meant in post #57, it’s much more general than that. I cannot comment on the financial justification of the new location alone because I have no idea. the clue is actually in the link provided that gives the company history: http://www.gildergroup.co.uk/news.php?id=4 this shows that the company has acquired more businesses and expanded more in the last 5 years than it did in the 25 years previous to that. in the process extra risk has been taken on by the business. I have always been critical of businesses that expand rapidly like this. it was an area of study for me at University, and something I have followed for some time. this strategy results in far more failures than successes. the illusion of success from rapid growth can only be maintained in times of boom, but as Warren Buffet famously said, "it’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked." obviously I don’t have access to the accounts of Gilders, so it could be that all this expansion is organic and has come from operating cashflow. if that’s the case then I apologise. I doubt it though; I suspect that the company is carrying much more debt today than it was 5 years ago. I suspect the company is "swimming naked." when a company is retailing expensive aspirational goods like cars and furniture, it is always going to be at risk from the financial position of its customers. therefore businesses that operate in this area, ones that have long term plans at any rate, have a duty to ensure that their own financial position is stronger than that of its customers. most do not, and that is why these sectors are rife with failures. I would point you in the direction of another well-known local company as an example of how to slowly grow a stable business from it’s own resources, able to weather the ups and downs of it’s customers’ spending power. a business that owns it’s own freehold so has no rent to pay, and has no debts so has no interest to pay. a business that retails quality expensive furniture, you know who it is, and a business that I suspect will still be here when the economy turns for the better in X years time. you should always question management that seek to grow the business you work for rapidly. they might be nice people, and they might spend a load of money on staff Xmas parties. but look at the bigger picture, who is benefiting from the changing risk/reward profile? I put it to you all that the 20% pay cut is for employees taking the risk when they would have seen little or none of the reward. that completes my case for the prosecution, so now over to the defence … .
  7. I think anybody wearing a balaclava whilst driving would be nuts, but at least with this headgear it moves as you look quickly to the side or over your shoulder.
  8. I think I'm going to have to spell this out a bit more. I didn't post this because I wanted people to look our for this particular driver. there are of course a number of people that damage vehicles and drive off. unfortunate yes, worthy of a rant maybe, but worthwhile discussing here not really. what I thought was a potential area for discussion was the fact that some drivers are wearing niqabs. some have identified this, and I see that boyfriday probably disagrees. what I saw was a lady looking over her shoulder as she tried to turn around a large heavy vehicle, and as she did so all she did was to look into the side of her headgear. what I saw was a lady continuously having to take a hand off the wheel to hold her 'slit' open so she could see as she was turning the wheel. I thought this was dangerous at the time, and then she proved it by hitting the BMW. it could of course have been a person she hit. apologies, I obviously should have posted all this up in the opening post, and if as I originally hoped discussion had developed I would have. but the thread disappeared and I forgot all about it until the BMW girl rang again the other day.
  9. if I was to put specific details about somebody's car on the forum it would be unfair, and I guess it would be removed. the specific details of the incident are between me and the victim, and I had hoped the insurance companies. the reason for posting anything can be summarised in the 3 words of the title.
  10. what are you trying to say? I know the make, model, reg number and colour of the car. I know what she was wearing, how many kids she had in the back and even the condition of the vehicle's bodywork. as I waited for her to finish her 13 point turn before getting in my car I was stunned to see her then cut into the BMW as if it wasn't there and drive off. from her driving I actually think she couldn't see what she was doing, so mentioned the key piece of information. okay?
  11. that's a pretty unbelievable thing to say to be honest. the poor girl had driven over 50 miles to Sheffield for a job interview having been made redundant. she sounded young so is probably left with a horrible bill or increase in insurance. she was really upset at the time, and grateful for my intervention although it didn't help in the end. I have done this before, and will do it again. I hope somebody would do the same for me.
  12. of course I could never be 100% certain, but I am 95% sure that I read the reg number correctly. I'm also sure that I've seen the vehicle running around since, so my eyes are now peeled.
  13. just an update. had a call from the lady thanking me for my help, but predictably the registration number doesn't exist.
  14. I’m sorry but I’m not going to let that go. this is getting quite tedious. have you not read the condemnation of the suggestion in the OP from most sensible atheists here? your statement is quite insulting and adds nothing to the debate,.. what debate there is since the answer to the OP is quite obviously NO. atheists are no different to you buck. Some are good, women, rich, intelligent, black, tall, young, thin etc and some are the opposite of those things. there is only one thing that marks out an atheist as an atheist, and that’s a disbelief in god, you know "there’s probably no god," and that’s it. please avoid making unjustified sweeping statements about groups of people like that. TIA.
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