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  1. Oooo I'm moving to Heworth in September. Really looking forward to it. York is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL city... not much more to add really!
  2. ebay or the market on the moor has a fab cheap stall half way down ish with loads of ribbons, sticky things etc x
  3. I've looked after dogs for people whilst they go away for a while now. Not only does it give the owner a chance to know they're with someone they can trust, but it does my depression a world of good. I cannot get a dog of my own as I leave for Uni at the end of September Over the summer is going to be difficult for me as when I have lots of time to myself my depression chews me up, and I am wanting to look after dogs for people when they go on holiday or foster for a few weeks until they find a new home. I have a CRB and am 18, but will be 19 by the time I start looking after. Does anyone know how I could go about fostering or looking after dogs? Thanks Sammie x
  4. *BIG HUGS* You know how much I understand after my Beansey boy. Lots of cuddles to lovely Catcat xxx
  5. I have loads going for £20. Absolutely tonnes. Let me know x
  6. Mine seems fine... Better than ever. Not really sure what could cause that..
  7. The St Lukes shops have a lot of children's toys in at the minute. The one on Abbeydale Road and the one on Woodseats Road definitely. Also, the Charity shop next to the St Lukes on Woodseats Road (Arthritis Charity??) has tonnes in as I was looking the other week for a friend!
  8. You shouldn't need anything else. The employees will most probably give you a CRB check and some places a First aid course, but other than that no! Some places even let you work on your level 3 which would be good as it enhances your job prospective. This link will send you to the Schools Vacancies part of the Council website if you are looking x
  9. That's fine darling, just leave me a message and we'll organise it And why thank you, I've never tried Fancies! xx
  10. Wow, Stereophonic, that was really moving to read. He sounded like a wonderful guy to know personally. I can't believe it, he was a fantastic musician and Stereophonics is one of my top favourites! RIP Stuart!
  11. Haha... You Definitely sure, we looked after Rachel's 2 for a week or so and we loved it!! xx
  12. Hey lovely, tis Sam, Julie's daughter We have done our fair share of doggy looking after in the last few weeks and wouldn't mind. I'm in all the time atm Free of charge for a lovely girl. xx
  13. I am that daughter of Gaymers actually. I am 18, very nearly 19 now and just started my second implant. It's done me a world of good. I originally got it for my periods, the pain was unbearable and I wanted to help it. I couldn't take the pill due to the fact I needed antibiotics a lot sue to my immune system. Then I got into a serious relationship which is nearly 3 years running now and it has been of great use. I'm proud of your daughter for being sensible and doing something that will provide her with protection for when she does want to start in a sexual relationship. And also for doing something that may be helping her periods if that is the case. Most people have sex underage these days. I don't know many people who haven't. You can't pretend it's not happening. Tbh, this all seems to be about you and not about your daughter. As I said, I am very proud of her for taking the step to do something sensible.
  14. I have always had warnings on my ADs. I found duloxetine felt just like when I was on fluoxetine.. I changed to Citalopram though as it works way better for me. Good Luck xx
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