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  1. Any matchstick model makers out there , I first started buying kits to start with ,but now I design my own plans so all I have to do now is buy matches , saves me money.
  2. It a song by Peters and Lee and means welcome home to the championship, Sheffield united
  3. In the words of Peters and Lee, WECOME HOME .
  4. No cant agree . I meant substitutes sorry.
  5. Chelsea reserves 2 Sheffield united 0
  6. Watched highlights against Liverpool and if it hadn't been for ramsdale it would have been a bigger score. How Aston villa lost this match I don't know, united were hardly ever in the game, again it was ramdale who saved them.
  7. If he had anything about him he would quit , at any other club he would have gone months ago
  8. First goal should have been disallowed, because Sharp pushed keeper off the ball. second goal was a deflected shot which the keeper had got covered. So not such a great win I think.
  9. Man Utd v Sheffield Utd This game was like watching Sheffield Wednesday against Man City in the fa cup ,Wednesday were out played and so were Sheffield Utd in this game. How Sheffield Utd are where they are in the league I will never know , they played like a mid table campionship club. As there luck finally ran out.
  10. Is foxhill becoming a slum, the top end of foxhill crescent is a right mess. People who live in the area are just dumping stuff ,Its not fair on the people who do the right think. Please keep your estate clean you have to live there.
  11. He lived on Deerlands near the corner of Deerlands and Adlington road, near to the traffic island.
  12. Looking for my old mate Eddie Bradwell, he lived on deerlands avanue in the 1960s
  13. How does feigning injury and wasting time benefit the other side, all the time wasted is added on after 90 minutes.
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