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  1. What can you get ready for? Us mocking our poor neighbours 2 leagues below You don't really think our 'proper' chairman wouldn't invest accordingly do you? You have to realise, some chairman actually do want the best for their clubs and not just the best for themselves. Oh, on a lighter note, great to see you're still knocking around Pete
  2. Bizarre... Championship possibly have Weds, Newcastle, Villa, Norwich, Leeds, Wolves, Derby, Notts Forest etc... Prem have Bournemouth, Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Swansea, Watford etc...and dare I say it (I would have last year, Leicester!) It's a strange look really nowadays!
  3. You just know it's coming It's like forum tourettes
  4. You are definitely right. The early 90's squad was much better, that's taking nothing away from the current crop as they are doing so well, but had that 90's side played Brighton tonight the tie would have been over by at least 4/5 goals
  5. Well, we were all over them with a full side out and walked all over them with them down to 10 men. Would have took 2-0 before kick off all day long, but I just thought we should have killed off the tie. 2-0 doesn't reflect the dominance! Hope it doesn't come back to bite us on the arse.
  6. I concur, I just think he would have come good.
  7. How is that a lecture? I said the same when Wednesday sacked Megson. In the long run it ended up being positive for us, unfortunately for you, your positive point came and went with Clough!
  8. Ridiculous decision. Sacking manager after manager doesn't work. I was amazed you managed to get Adkins in the first place, yet you give him one season (all be it admittedly not a good one) and before he has the chance to really stamp his authority on things he's gone! The trouble is with football these days, it's an instant success thing or out. Well you're not spending your 6th consecutive season in League One by chance, you are a standard League One outfit! Every fan expects their club to be higher than they are, and god knows being a Wednesday fan I've had that feeling most of my 40 years watching them, but in reality a team lies where it for a reason, because that's where they belong. Stability or giving a manager time is sadly lacking in this industry, after all didn't Man Utd fans scream for Alex Fergusons head after a short while in charge??? I'll leave that with you...Next on the conveyer belt please!
  9. I can't see me swapping any of this current crop with any of the early 90's side...Oh hang on, yes I can...ALL OF THEM! Joking aside I'd keep Westwood, Forestieri, Bannan.
  10. Nature of the beast Mel. If we retained the current squad and played the usual 11 against most of the Prem we'd struggle big time. Yes, they've done exceptionally well this season but sadly, unlike the 90/91 side, many of them this time would be moved on
  11. I have to agree, I've never liked the play offs. A team battles all season and finishes 3rd, then gets dumped in the lottery... Not a fair system. As for us, no, I don't think we are quite ready to go up, in fact if we do go up I fear for us unless we invest big time! Out of the current squad I'd say less than half were capable of making a reasonable fist of life in the top flight!
  12. The man is an arse of gigantic proportions...But a bloody good man manager! I couldn't believe it when United sacked him, that was the beginning of the continuing slide
  13. A great day out! Went on a coach, half red, half blue. The banter was excellent! The funny thing was, we didn't really give the Blades any stick on way home on the coach, we knew how much they were hurting and the game itself said everything about the gulf in class. Alan Kelly, still to this day the greatest goalkeeping display I've ever seen! Oh, and Esha Ness won the Grand National that never was
  14. To be fair to the current crop, this season as a whole has been at times excellent, but at times very inconsistent. Saturday for example... First half, like watching paint dry Second half, like watching a masterpiece! Here's to the run in, but should they go up, there's going to have to be a few quality players brought in
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