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  1. As an alternative to stewing (or indeed braising) steak, you can also use shin beef (sometimes called beef shin!). This takes a fraction of the time to cook and can be done on top of the stove (about an hour/hour twenty) as well as in a slow cooker. You will also find it's not as dry as stewing or braising steak. It's a wonderful cut of meat!!
  2. OH got his ticket about 6 weeks later, I'd wait a bit longer before you think your off the hook I'm afraid!
  3. Another vote for Premier Inn at County Hall - a fantastic place to stay, right on the river by the Millenium Eye and over the bridge from the Houses of Parliament (contact your mp to organise a FREE tour of Parliament). Instead of using the underground, why not use a bus - you get to see so much more of London, it's quicker and less walking between platforms! Make sure you get an Oyster card (one per person) when you arrive and load it up with money, you then swipe it each time you go on the bus or, if using the underground swipe as you enter the station and then again as you leave (if you don't swipe when you leave it will charge you a LOT more for your trip). An Oyster card allows you to make journeys for a fraction of 'normal' tourist prices! As you're travelling by train, go to this site: http://www.daysoutguide.co.uk/?gclid=CKTq8aayoakCFQNP4QodhErpuA and you'll be able to chose a range of 2 for 1 entry tickets (make sure you read the instructions properly, you may need 1 voucher for each 2 for 1, eg: 2 adults and 2 kids = 2 vouchers)
  4. .......... and people ask me why I choose to look after my adult daughter at home. This is why. I will continue to care for her until my dying day, no-one, but no-one, will EVER treat my daughter like that. May they rot in hell.
  5. I have the Lumix FZ28 too, and it's fantastic. Not all Lumix are the same, it's like saying all Ford cars are the same - they're not, it depends which model you have as to the performance you'll get. Read it and see.
  6. Have you tried resetting it? Mine's done it once and I just turned it off at the switch and then back on, seems to have cured it (touch wood!).
  7. Yes, I've used them for my dd's office software and Adobe software - it's a great site!
  8. My daughter develped cholesteatoma when she was five (she's now 13). After having several operations on that ear (they tried the softly, softly approach, but in the end had to do a complete removal and rebuild of her three bones inside the ear, can't remember what it's called). She then developed cholesteatoma in the other ear and, rather than pussyfoot around again, we went straight for the big operation again. Since that time (about 2 years now) she has suffered from a few bouts of ear infection, mainly contracted through either colds or after swimming (difficult when it's part of the curriculum). Considering she's had both inner ears literally rebuilt her hearing's fantastic. She does wear an aid for mild/moderate hearing loss, as we found one ear has deteriorated over time - but that doesn't mean it will happen that way for everyone. Speak to your consultant, he should give you all the facts. It's something you need to rectify, the consquences of not doing so just aren't worth it!
  9. I spent three hours on Tuesday trying to get my new hub activated (the engineer had just been and replaced my set top box which I'd been perfectly happy with for years - till it broke on Saturday last, that's 5 days without broadband!!). I got put through to India (well, actually I got passed between 2 people in India and one in England, but the one in England was billing and couldn't help with the technical bit. The last bloke I spoke to (in India) spent 2 hours trying to resolve my problem. Mostly he was telling me to turn the hub on and off and then check the computer. Not so hard you think? It is when the hub's three floors up and your computers on the ground floor. I swear if I went up and down stairs once, I did it 20 times! Anyhow, after two hours he suddenly decided he'd lost his connection and he'd have to ring me back. My little ears pricked up at that one! I just knew he was going to offload me because he didn't know how to fix it. So I asked for his name and agreed he could ring me back. Surprisingly by next morning I'd decided I'd waited long enough, so I called complaints. Oh I bet he wishes he'd called me back now :hihi: I then got put onto another gentleman in the faults department, but he was here in England. He had me up and running within 20 minutes and gave me further instructions for connecting my other desktop and laptop. I was pretty pleased with him, but why they can't all be like that I don't know!
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. There's an awful lot of information on here, and I shall go away and digest it all. Many thanks.
  11. Hmmmmm, shame. Thanks for answering me so comprehensively. Looks like I shall be doing an Access database afterall! Am I right that an Access can be converted to a MySQL later though? And, if so, can I then add other (new) fields to the MySQL database once it's been transferred across?
  12. Hi I've asked advice on here before with regard to databases, adn MySQL seems to be the way forward for me. However, before I embark upon it, I should just like to check first please. MySQL, I can download it for free from the internet, and can I just start using it (like I would say, Access), build up my database full of information and then use it (along with PHP) on a website. Have I got that right? IE: MySQL is a stand alone database that I can load information up to without first having to do anything else? If it IS a standalone database (like Access) can I search for information on it without the website (ie: do I need a website to be able to use it?). I have over 5,000 records I need to get into a database, I need to use the database before I'm actually ready to upload it all to a website and make it available publicly. Thanks for looking in
  13. Different bras will give you different shapes and different cups so you can't just buy one standard size in any bra - it's like buying a dress, in one shop you'll be a size 8 and in the next ship will have to buy a size 10. Go to M&S, and see the bra fitters there. There is nothing to be embarassed about, you don't need to strip naked. You keep you existing bra on and the lady will measure you. She will get you some bras from the shop floor, you put them on with her out of the room and then she'll come and look and tighten straps up/suggested different styles. It's important to get the right bra size when you are just developing, please go and get measured properly, it can save your delicate tissues from drooping early later on.
  14. Oh, mine's done that before! You need to ring them. Either they need to send signals down the line or you need a new box, either way I think you've probably lost all your recordings
  15. It's a cool box (as in for food, beer etc).
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