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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 2 hours

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    HOME SECURITY 4x CCTV CAMERA + 4x CABLE (30ft each) + Computer Device. I bought this set up for my Shop but unfortunately Never had chance to install them now we are planning to shut down the shop so selling excess items. Four CCTV Cameras (Colour + IR Vision) , Two Cameras in Box and 2 without Box - But all are Brand New Four Cables (each 30 Ft Long Carry`s Power and Data To Camera) One Computer Device So to connect cameras with Computer. Many thanks


  2. Time Left: 4 days and 2 hours

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    The unit is a grade A fault free which has been checkedand repacked as new although may have some very minor cosmetic marks or showsigns of being unpacked. The unit comes with original accessories and comes inthe original packaging. Part Number: SM-C200NZWABTU Samsung Gear 360 Camera - SamsungNote 5, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ (A) · The frontand rear lenses each capture 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, creatinga seamless and complete 360-degrees field of view · Pair upyour Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth, then use Wi-Fi Direct to transform itslarge screen into a very handy remote viewfinder and to transfer files in onesimple move · Time-lapserecording, loop recording, 360 degrees spherical capture, mountable · Remote control via mobile devices, remotelive view, wireless image transfer RRP:£199 Complete Focus With the Gear VR you get a bigger field of view, smootherimages. Low light leakage and reflection prevention. It's game on. Foam Cushioning Soft with the right amount of comfort. Strap Holder Anchored securely to handle epic moves. Weight Only 345 g for extended sessions (312 g without front cover). Convenient Control With a tap or a swipe. The larger and completely flattouchpad exists for precision and control. The home key takes you straight backto Oculus home. The Galaxy Connection Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones. Compatiblewith both USB type-C and Micro USB, you just need to snap on the connectormodule for your phone and you are done. USB Type-C - Galaxy Note 7 Micro USB - Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge Oculus Home This is where your VR journey begins. Browse through gamesand experiences or explore what's on the Oculus store. Meet up with friends anddiscover a world of possibilities - all from your virtual home. Experiences Gear VR, powered by Oculus, lets you travel across thegalaxy, build expansive cities, battle unbelievable monsters and more. Immerseyourself in entertainment like never before - the ever-expanding collection ofGear VR experiences awaits. INCLUDED IN SHIPMENT: · SamsungGear 360 · USB Cable · Battery · Wrist Strap · Carry Pouch · Quickstart Guide


  3. Time Left: 4 days and 2 hours

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    Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim 500GB Charcoal Black Console & Joystick It works great, comes with some video games. C.D. Shutter door jams so you have to close it manually but it does not effect the operations comes with PS3 Console + Original Sony Joystick + Box I bought it second hand, played almost never, i am not very big fan of playing games but i thought i will give it a try, selling because i do`nt use it. Thanks


  4. Time Left: 4 days and 2 hours

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    DL & C6 GOLD SILVER TEXTURED METALLIC Envelopes. Very Rare to find, Textured BRUSHED Gold / Silver Finish 49 DL Gold 49 DL Silver 49 C6 Gold Envelopes.. Job Lot... Grab Yourself Bargain


  5. Time Left: 4 days and 2 hours

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    5m x 5m Appx. Suspended Ceiling with Grid. We Removed our suspended ceiling from our Shop which was almost a Square area. All Tiles are nicely Wrapped for easy shipping Grid was taken down but we were not able to remove "L" Shape Edge Grid, which can be easily bought. Lights are not included Collection only please and cash on collection. Located in Sheffield City Centre (Ground Floor) Many thanks


  6. Looking for a n isbn and a barcode if anyone has ordered in bulk for Nielson. They are sold for £89 for one but £150 for 10 or something like that.
  7. Managed to get the page numbers that was an issue before but now having issues with one particular document that has a page coloured as well as having a page border. On converting to PDF, a one margin is shown on the left side and on the bottom of the page.
  8. Hi can anyone help with some conversion issues that i am having while converting MS word 2010 to PDF. I keep losing border during conversion and end up with white edge. Any advice will be helpful.
  9. thank you so much for your help though. page numbering is not as big an issue as losing text so i will re-number the pages
  10. hi thank you for getting back to me. i have located print to pdf. i have tried what you suggested and all the missing text has been converted, the only thing missing now is all the page numberings
  11. I havn't tried that. Just been looking at that option and i can't seem to located the Print location to change. All i see is the printer setup and print settings without the destination option
  12. hi not had any joy. i am using Word 2010. any PDF or XPS will suffice
  13. Hi i am trying to convert some files from Word to XPS document and some texts disappears. I have tried doing the same to PDF too and the same issue occurs. Any help will be appreciated. Willing to pay someone to convert the 17 documents i have. 07772917196
  14. Hi anyone know of any car boot sales going on in Sheffield? When and where they are held? Have been looking for a while now and not had much luck
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