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  1. What I see through my binoculars - also 10x50 - always looks better with my eye than the camera with the big zoom. I've got good results just shooting with a phone through the binocs the same way you do. I would however like the Nikon P1000 with the insane 120x optical. It's a bit of an unusual hobby lol, all started years ago when a friend mentioned you can see the Minster from Sheffield. And nobody else believed you could: there are old tales of it, so I thought it needs to be photo'd. And I realised you can see even further, so slowly picking off distant targets!
  2. Ah, interesting you should say that! I think the top of the chimney is from some spots in Sheffield, the line of sight adds up so just need to drag the camera out on a clear day FYI, I use a Sony DSC400 with 63x optical zoom.
  3. This has one I took a couple of years back of York: 1 is the hospital. 2 the Minster. 6 the Racecourse stands, 7 the chocolate factory and 8 the chimney of the old Foss Island power station.
  4. This is Drax from Woodhead Rd, though I think I've got better pics somewhere:
  5. I've seen some cranes and silos at Goole, so I know that's possible! But Blackpool tower hidden by the hills unfortunately.
  6. Woodhead Road at Grenoside, near Rainbow Kennels is a great spot. As butlers says, the white horse can be seen from there but again you need really good conditions. The horse itself has deteriorated somewhat as the limestone discolours - they refresh it periodically which makes it an easier spot. I've also got shots of some of the summits in the Dales from there, as well as other structures at York, such as the grandstand at York Racecourse and the tower at Terry's chocolate factory. I'll try and dig them out
  7. Interesting stuff regarding the stays. I've never managed to photo Belmont, though I have got a shot of Bilsldale, albeit this is from Barnsley - you can see the white horse at Kilburn too: Humber Bridge from Grenoside: The Minster again from Grenoside:
  8. I took one shot of West Burton - are those buildings at in the foreground at Manor Top?
  9. I've seen the Humber Bridge towers from up there before, but shows just how important the light is. Whilst it was good towards Lincoln and York, it was much cloudier over Hull and looked drizzly and I couldn't see them at all yesterday. I've photo'd them from Grenoside a few times though!
  10. Was a clear day today so thought I'd have a walk up to the topograph at Ringinglow and resurrect this thread :). First shot is Lincoln Cathedral - can see quite a bit of detail, not bad from 43 miles away: Second is of what remains of Ferrybridge. To my surprise you can see York Minster between the cooling towers, some 47 miles away (it's not marked on the topograph, I don't think). The other structure is Lowe Stand at Hoyland, and Skew Hill transmitter:
  11. A good map from the 50s here of Chapeltown, courtesy of SteveHB at Sheffield History: http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/uploads/monthly_09_2008/post-188-1221051250.jpg
  12. Here is a pic I took of the area a few months ago: The building right of centre was a water tower I believe.
  13. The Ball used to be my local pub. When it reopened about three years ago, the landlord and landlady (in my opinion) did a fantastic job. Good beer, events, very good to the customers, clean and tidy - always willing to try new things and were held in high regard by the steadily growing customer base. They also put a lot of their own cash into it to get it going But the owners ever increased the rent and conditions as it got more successful and then wanted them to sign a five year contract. They were forced out as it was just too much for very little in the end and new tenants were put in. Things were never same and just a few weeks later it shut. There is a lot of land with the pub and I have also heard that it is to be a Tesco with the land behind forming a link road to Monteney Road.
  14. Thank you for the kind comments! I've only got very basic viewing equipment (10 x 50 binocs, and as my tripod broke I had to balance them on my bike and take the photos through an eyepiece with my phone!). Woodhead Road just north of Grenoside offers a fantastic view from north to east: Also from today a fuzzy Humber bridge: The power station is Ferrybridge, and the white buildings beyond are the Designer outlet at Fulford, York: From today too, Lincoln Cathedral (centre, can make out the main tower, but the other two smaller ones appear merged): And Emley Moor and I believe on the horizon Buckden Pike and Great Whernside in the Dales: You need luck with the light, atmospherics and contrast, but I am sure with better equipment you could get much clearer than this. But you need to know where to look ;-).
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