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  1. it was britney checking out the arena ahead of this saturdays concert
  2. its good to see united are going to stick with a youth policy....well those that no one else wants anyway. always a selling club and always will be
  3. i would endorse the milanos recommendtion. best meal ive had in sheffield
  4. if you go past the fox house pub theres a place to park about 200 yards on the right. theres a path that goes through the valley which is flat but its not a round walk
  5. you can walk round ladybower reservoir which is a flat walk. its about 5 mile
  6. would the zombies be the type that can run or the dawdling along type? think id hole up in meadowwhall like in the classic film day of the dead
  7. the recent Fame film....2 hours of my life i can never get back
  8. As the title says, ive got a broken up cast iron bath if any scrap dealer wants to collect it from the Sharrow area. Give us a ring or text on 07910284179 or PM me
  9. i find a stain on a shirt its just took me ages to iron
  10. i find a twenty pound note in a coat pocket i havent worn for yonks
  11. A great idea. i'm a good gardener but how could you equate my relative low skill base with say an electrician,who would be far more skilled, if i were to swap time with then. would i have to do twice the ammount of work
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