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  1. Hi, I attended Prince Edwards from 1967 through to 1972 and can only remember my teacher from the latter years as being mIss Kingdom . I vividly remember her slippering the backside of Brian Woolhouse for playing up in class. Great School but sadly infested with bullies off the Manor even all those years ago. Jeff
  2. Hello, we have been researching for family details on Dominico Brentani, Louisa was our great x3 grandmother. We are, Joy Mason from Gleadless, Sheffield, England, postcode S12 3JL. And Beverley Barton from Deepcar, Sheffield, England, postcode S36 2PX. We are both sisters and are looking for relatives of Dominico Brentani. If you need to contact us either reply to this post, or send an email to jeffblade@hotmail.com.
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