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  1. You can't request one yet as they are not currently doing them.
  2. Does anyone know if the council are doing short breaks grants for disabled children this year?
  3. It seems i am in the same boat as a few of you. It went to panel last November regarding my daughter and it was decided she needed to go to a new school and i have never heard from them since, not had a single letter or phone call. I have phoned SEN 5 times over recent weeks, to be told someone will ring me back and they never have, i also emailed and never got a reply. My daughters current school have also tried and got the same 'someone will call you back'. Its absolutely disgusting how they are treating people.
  4. My daughter is due to start at fox hill hill primary soon. She has autism and severe learning difficulties, so is going to fox hill as it is an integrated resource school. I was just wondering if any other parents whose children attend there could get give any advice, tips or let me know what it is like and do they wear uniform? thanks in advance.
  5. I found her in my front garden and she couldn't walk, so i don't know if she was hurt in our garden or if she was brought back here, its strange because she never ventured far and spent more time inside when its cold. I'm starting to wonder if she was deliberately targeted as it all seems so strange how it happened.
  6. The RSPCA are aware of what happened, but because there were no witnesses, there's probably nothing they can do.
  7. Thanks for your concern. I am absolutely devastated and can't stop thinking about her being in pain. I'm just glad that my kids don't fully understand what happened.
  8. I just wanted to warn cat owners in s5 (just off southey green road). I came out of my house today to find my cat in my front garden and i could tell something was wrong straight away as she couldn't walk, so i took her to the vets. Initially i just assumed she had been hit by a car, but after being examined by the vet, it appears that she has been deliberately hurt by some evil person. Her injuries were too bad, so i had to make the awful decision to have her put to sleep. So what started as a normal day this morning has ended with a perfectly healthy and happy cat having to be put to sleep due to some evil person.
  9. Doctor Gentle is the neuro disability person at Ryegate as my daughter is under her for autism, Dr Gentle is currently off sick and someone else is currently seeing her patients, they are currently setting up extra clinics to cope with demand. My daughter has an appointment next friday night at 7pm. You should have heard something by now, i would ring to ask.
  10. I am wanting some advice please with regards to my job. I am married and currently work part time at weekend and my husband works part time monday to friday, we have 3 children and the eldest is Autistic, i am wanting to give up my job, so that i can be there for my children, especially my autistic daughter who needs someone with her all the time, anyway the thing i want to know is would i be able to claim anything if i give up my job as my husband works? Thanks in advance
  11. hi, I live in sheffield 5 and i am looking for childcare on saturday/sunday evenings, but not every weekend. I have 3 children, the eldest is a girl who is 7 and she is autistic and 2 boys aged 4 and 6 months, it must be someone registered, please get in touc.
  12. Hi all, i am looking for child care roughly once a fortnight on friday and saturday evenings, i have 3 children, my daughter is 7 and is autistic and i have 2 boys aged 4 and 5 months, i am looking for someone with experience of autistic children, who is qualified and has crb check, please get in touch with prices and info, i am in s5 just off herries road
  13. I am a (nearly) 29 year old female that is wanting to make new friends. I am happily married with 3 beautiful children, i have a 7 year old daughter that is autistic and 2 boys aged 4 and 5 months. I would like to meet other mums of a similar age for kids play dates and to go out with, i enjoy shopping, reading, music, sheff utd, having fun. Please feel free to get in touch. I live in s5, just off Herries Road.
  14. I saw the cat on tuesday night at around 10:30pm, but couldnt really see the colour as it was dark.
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