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  1. Um could someone explain to me what a pavement is. Is it like a concrete sidewalk. If so how would you have sex with that?
  2. Wierd probably...but a crime. Only against nature. Let him be.
  3. I am not a big water fan and prefer it ice cold with bubbles. But I also know too much about tap water. I will drink it but given the choice of a good spring water bottled I will choose that. But also some bottled water ie dasani and aquafina are just bottled filtered tap water from pepsi and coke just no syrup.
  4. The Main airport has the airport call letters MCO that is the international airport closest to Disney and everything. Yes A car is a must. Public transportation is limited to a few downtown buses and cabs.
  5. You can fly into Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale,Jacksonville, Tampa lots of cities in Florida. It is probably as large as Great Britian if not a bit larger. Kissimmee is near Orlando Airport. Ft. Lauderdale has it's own airport but I don't know if they do international flights. It is only about 30 minutes from Miami. Orlando and miami are 4-4.5 hours drive from each other.
  6. Kissimmee is a good 4 hour drive from Miami. where is your Cruise out of Maimi, Port Everglades, Or Port Canaveral. Where are you flying into?
  7. OOO In Miami I can recommend Monty's Crabhouse in Coconut Grove. Their happy hour on the patio is awesome. You get a tray with ice and then you get stone crap claws $2 each, oysters $1 each and shrimp 2 for $1 then 2 for 1 drinks it is awesome. Then go to the main drag of the grove to shop and people watch. FOr a good upscale meal I recommend. Cafe Abbaracci in Coral Gables.
  8. Gee thanks for the support. If nothing else it is for a very worthy charity for a disease that affects men as well as women. (and believe it or not it is worse than baldness)
  9. Yikes I leave you two along for a few minutes and look where you are. tsk tsk tsk. I will give you the meat reference though.
  10. well since it is only 5PM here I will be hanging out for awhile but night to you all.
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