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  1. we have just got wii for grandson i must say he loves it striaght in from school and on it glad its on another telly , now our lasses has got the wii fit god help me is there 1 with fishing game lol
  2. if in dout have a look here + yu need to registar first then they send a pack out to yu http://www.undated20p.com/identification.html
  3. you only need a licence if yu intend to hold the rod if your child is under 12 no need for 1
  4. i use it to find fishing places then mark em down
  5. or try knights cb shop near gainsbrough http://www.kcb.co.uk
  6. dump the rubbish by their backdoor and leave it for the landlord to deal with.he will then charge them with clearing it up, or find were they have moved to and dump it on there door step
  7. you could look on this site http://landshare.channel4.com/
  8. thats bad if they had helicopter out hope there ok
  9. 1 large pond with koi carp and goldfish in all ready + water fall and vegie filter fenced off and covered by wire mesh fitted to wooden frame so no cats or herons can get to em
  10. get web cam up for next week its going to be warmer so more than top might come off
  11. be care full if comeing off junction 30 m1 there is a realy bad smash on motorway and they are diverting traffic off the motor way there over top and back on to the motorway going north bound
  12. hi henhugger ive pmd yu back its a very likely place were he has come from good luck
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